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  2. Joggers/ Sweatpants

    You can visit any showroom of Nike and there you can find variety of joggers and exercising clothes. I don't use joggers, any cotton Bermuda (lower) fits me the best.
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  4. How to loose my weight,

    Just follow these steps for 1 month. I guarantee you that you will thank me later 1. Drink a glass of hot water whenever you are thirsty. 2. Avoid sugar, white bread, rice, potatoes, and all junk food. 3. Do rope skipping for 3 minutes. 4. Do some stretching as you wake up. 5. Chew your food properly. 6. Drink water only after 1 hour of your meal. 7. If you can spend some money, buy Organic Noni Juice and take 60 ml of it every morning on empty stomach.
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  6. New, help please!

    Try weight bearing exercises - e.g. push ups & all the variations, tricep dips, squats & lunges etc (google 'weight bearing exercises') I have a simple eating plan, only natural foods, (make sure that's all you buy too) Some protein eg. meat/ fish/chicken/ eggs/ mushrooms/ cottage cheese at every meal and 6 'colours': red, orange, yellow, green, white and purple fruit /veg per day I hope that helps, let us know how you get on
  7. Snack Bars

    I personally like snack bars. These are ready to eat and can be taken anywhere you want. As you get hungry you can munch these delicious snack bars without needing to go to any restaurant. Disclaimer is that you must not eat too much snack bars too often because it will not be healthy for you then.
  8. Favorite Chicken Recipes!

    Spicy Chicken Thighs How does smokey spicy chicken thighs sounds? Both my kids and husband absolutely love this recipe. Its seems to please everyone and it actually really healthy. I was so sick of lemon and pepper with chicken! We used to have a electric smokers which was really convenient for because you could get lovely smoked flavors and use it in the house! However that one just broke and we just picked up the smoke hollow smoker. I was never really into smoked meats but after buying this new smoker, the flavors created without all the extra stuff like dressing and sauces is delicious! Ingredients 6 chicken thighs with the skin on 1 cup olive oil 2 tablespoons paprika 2 tablespoons chili powder 1 tablespoon thyme 1 tablespoon garlic powder 2 tablespoons cayenne 1 tablespoon salt 2 tablespoon black pepper Steps Light your smoker and allow it to come up to a temperature of 200-220 degrees. Mix all dry rub seasoning ingredients thoroughly. Rub olive oil to fully coat the chicken thighs. Sprinkle the mixed seasonings all over the chicken thighs to ensure they are fully coated with rub. Lay your chicken thighs on the smoker rack and add smoker wood chips at the same time you add the meat. Apple, pecan, or cherry wood is ideal for this recipe. It is recommended to ensure there is enough wood every hour. Smoke your chicken thighs for 2 hours and rotate them to ensure they cook evenly. Total cooking time is 3 to 4 hours total depending on a variety of factors such as size of the thighs, temperature of the grill and outside, how windy it is, and how often you open the smoker lid which will let the heat out. Use an instant-read meat thermometer to check for an internal temperature of 165 degrees. let me know what you think and please post your favorite healthy chicken recipes!
  9. Running Motivation

    I do indoor sport when the weather's crap. Otherwise, I'll play tennis. :D
  10. Running Motivation

    You could listen to motivational workout music before start running. Irrespective of weather, you can become motivated all day long if you can remember why you want to do the workout. If you are pretty lethargic in cold weather then watch Eric Thomas motivational videos on YouTube. That will help you with anything in life.
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  12. Hi John If you don't jog outside get a good treadmill If you do jog get a good rower or bike Let us know what you bought and whether it meets your requirements All the best
  13. New, help please!

    hello everyone, I'm Lizzy a student at university. I've come on here to ask for some advice. I am a sporty person however the season is over till September so I have been quite sedentary . I am currently recovering from Glandular Fever but I'm not allowed to do intense exercise, however while being ill and fatigued I have lost so much strength especially in my arms. Has anyone got any tips on how to build up my muscle strength slowly. I know diet is an influencing factor and as a student and terrible cook mine is not great so any tips of things that I can include in my diet to help would be great! thanks! lizzyx
  14. Hello everyone, I am John 23, I want to buy workout machine. But which is the best machine for me i am not deciding accurately. I want to view your opinion about it. Basically i want to loose fat quickly. Regard to this article i have conclusion abut elliptical and treadmill machine. Which is the best please tell me. Thank you.
  15. Running... Or Cycling?

    cycling is the best. It will help my communication as well exercise.
  16. How to loose my weight,

    Hi John In a nutshell ... eat natural foods, unprocessed meat, fish, & poultry with fruit & veg (6 colours every day) drink water and be active with sport or any exercise you enjoy every day Let us know what you've chosen to do
  17. Advice needed please.

    I wouldn't worry about this because you now have much bigger family responsibilities. Love your husband and children, take good care of them and don't worry about this. But at there is a story titled. Make Your Butt Smaller with This Exercise Trainer Advice. You may want to read it.
  18. 25% off myprotein: World's No.1 Online Sports Nutrition Brand if you follow this link:
  19. Cheese Burgers

    Reading these burger recipes my mouth is becoming very watery. You can keep sharing your favorite recipes and get ideas from people all around the world. However, please don't eat too much burger as it may be harmful to health and may make you overweight very quickly.
  20. Hello everyone, I am expecting your answer about how to loose my weight as soon as possible what should i do ?? My age 23 , height 5fit7inc, weight 82kg . Please recommend me.
  21. Hey guys, I'm a student of the University of Economics in Katowice (Poland) and I'm writing my master thesis regarding consumer behavior in sports nutrition markets in Poland and in the UK as I'm interested in bodybuilding, fitness, sports nutrition etc. To finish the thesis I need some opinions of people with interests similar to mine from the UK. I would really appreciate if you could fill out my questionnaire (conducted purely for scientific purposes without any intent to use it for commercial purposes) and share your thoughts with me :) May I ask you to help? LINK TO THE QUESTIONNAIRE
  22. How long should I do Rope Jump to lose weight?

    I'd do it in a HIIT format: -20 minutes of gentle skipping to warm up -HIIT: 20 second burst (go crazy fast), 20 second gentle (or pause/rest), for 10 rounds. -20 minutes of gentle cool down skipping.
  23. Hello everyone, my name is Mantis Hugo and want to lose weight through rope skipping. Can anybody please suggest me the exact duration of rope skipping which can enable me to start losing weight? My current weight is 75 kg and my height is 5'7".
  24. Hello everyone, I'm a french student in Engineering of Human Motion and Sport's Product Design. As part of my course, I would like to know the needs of fitness lovers about monitoring devices and indicators. The purpose of this survey (link below) is to define a wearable product and fitness indicators that match with your aspirations. In the present case, fitness includes all the physical activities like : Bodyweight Exercises, Cardio-training, TRX, Crossfit... Thank you for your help. Paul
  25. Exercise Motivation Survey

  26. HIIIT does it for me.
  27. Do you fancy doing a survey for me?

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