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  3. I'm newbie and seeking how to quit smoking

    I've not, but know that bad habits stop when they're replaced by good ones. For example, instead of grabbing a cig when you're craving one, go and run sprints. This will condition your brain to do sprints when it feels this way and, in turn, sprints may become a habit of yours - an extremely healthy one at that. It doesn't necessarily have to be sprints, though - it could be anything productive. You got this.
  4. Smoking harms your gains?

    I would definitely say so. I think that, because of the shortness of breath and the strain the carbon monoxide has on your heart, the blood isn't pumping around quickly enough. This means that the body isn't reaching its full potential - you could be training so much harder and for longer if you quit smoking. In turn, gains would come quicker and you'd be feeling far healthier. In that respect, yes, smoking does harm your gains - but your health comes even before that. You got this. I've also got an e-Book on sale about diet if you need some info on that department, too.
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  6. Breakfast On The Run

    I would try a vegan breakfast. It will give you good strength and also keep your stomach light for a good exercise. Here is how to easily assemble a quick and healthy vegan breakfast from Emaxhealth.
  7. New to fitness

    Hi Andrew - well done you're right on track Healthy weight loss is approx 2lb per week - it's working for you so keep it up! As you get fitter & stronger you will do more - rate your exertion level at the end of every workout - between 1 to 10 - 1(feels like you're doing nothing) to 10(feels like your maximum ability) and log it. Let us know how you get on
  8. New to fitness

    Hi Guys, I am completely new to fitness. Currently I am doing 20km 4 days a week on an exercise bike and lifting small weight dumbbells at home and have recently been for a light jog and have lost just over half a stone in 4 weeks . Is this training okay or should I up everything to loose it quicker. Is there a best weight in regards to dumbbells to lift to start off with ?
  9. Trying to lose weight

    Congratulations on the weight loss, my friend! With regards to your question, fat loss cannot be achieved in solely one area. When fat loss happens, it happens all over the body, though it may not look this way. If you want your belly to be more defined, then focus on doing abdominal exercises, throw in some resistance training and do exercise that focuses more on the core (cycling would appear to only work the legs and heart to great extent). These include, as earlier posters have stated, jogging, running and swimming. Just be sure to do something you enjoy because you'll be far more likely to stick to it. You got this.
  10. Newbie needs advice

    Protein shakes are not a must for any fitness regimen - they are not some magic formula that'll propel you to your goals (contrary to what these companies will have you believe). Protein shakes are literally only there to help you up your protein shake - it doesn't matter whether you take them before, after, during, or even nowhere near your workout...all it is is a source of protein. Be that as it may, the best sources of protein are going to come from good, honest, whole food. Only take these shakes if you really have to, otherwise take the shakes. With regards to weight loss, it's literally calories in vs calories out. Eat 250-500 calories less than what you'd eat to maintain your weight, and eat healthier foods to keep you fuller on less calories. This deficit will grant you healthy, gradual and long-term weight loss. You got this.
  11. Booze

    The body has a harder time processing alcohol than it does anything else in the body. For this reason, when you drink whilst trying to lose weight, the body will be focussed on dealing with the sauce as opposed to burning fat. Also, wine's calories, like any alcohol, adds up. You'd definitely benefit from cutting it out for the meantime. You could limit it to having a glass or two once a week so that you don't feel depraved - I guarantee you'll appreciate it far more this way, too. Remember that every time you go to the store to get a bottle, you're making a decision to do it - it's easier said than done, but make the decision not to. You got this.
  12. Cross Trainer V Rowing Machine

    So, cross trainers or rowing machines? What do you think is the best?
  13. New daddy - getting back in to the gym

    If your days are busy and you struggle to get your sessions in, go in the morning. It's out of the way and no longer a task that needs to be done at some point later in the day, meaning you no longer have to think about it (hell, you've got enough to think about with the little one). Failing this, you could train in your lunch breaks if possible, joining a gym near the work place or doing sprints in the local park. Also, if possible, with sleep being scarce you may want to catch up on it on the weekends - Sundays could be good. Congratulations on your newborn and I hope that helps. I've recently launched an e-Book on diet, too if you'd like a read.
  14. Too much training?

    In all honesty, it sounds like you need a change of routine. Working out at different times of the day, alternating what training you do on different days and completely changing the content of your workouts can all help. If not, try doing the same workouts, but for longer. If the quality of your workouts are beginning to suffer regardless of you doing the right things (eating well, getting enough sleep, etc), then you should take a day off. I know that when my runs start to get worse, or I'm not able to perform as well or get too into my head, I need to take a rest day. Take a rest and see how you feel. The body recovers and improves whilst you're at rest. Best of luck.
  15. Whey protein flavours

    Hit up - they've a wealth of flavours, are cheap and they taste good, too. Hope that helps.
  16. What's your approach to 'lifestyle eating'?

    I personally go with a healthy, balanced diet. I eat the food pyramid, basically. I make sure each meal has a balance of carbs, protein and fat, though I don't take the contents of that combination overly seriously (I don't eat 'clean', basically). I also accept that there will be days that I splurge and eat more than I had planned or would like (think parties, special occasions and the odd film night), however these are few and far between for me and I exercise most days so they're not detrimental. I get the majority of the sugar in my diet from fruits, and I'll throw in veggies with dinner. This is what works for me, makes me feel good and helps me train at an intensity I like, and that's what I think people should look for in a nutrition plan. I've actually written an e-Book about this if you'd like a read?
  17. Booze

    Cardiovascular training is the best fat burning exercise - but you'll put back all your calories burned on the wine Let us know how you get on
  18. Whey protein flavours

    Hello Friends, How Are you all? I want to tell all something that I used Aminoz Protein Supplements in which Aminoz Whey Protein is one of the best pure whey protein powder. It has three delicious flavours as Rich Chocolate, Creamy Vanilla and Strawberry. It has no side effect. You can buy its supplements online at a very reasonable price. You can also buy this supplement from other online marketplaces as Snapdeal, Flipkart and Amazon etc.
  19. Home Fitness

    I have a bike to train on at home and do some yoga exercises afterward. There is also a cool app called Asana Rebel which combines yoga and fitness I use a couple of times a week.
  20. Newbie needs advice

    I agree with Darren. I would not recommend you taking protein shakes. Focus on a good nutrition and doing sports. That's the healthiest way to lose weight.
  21. Hi! I started to make (mainly green) smoothies every morning to get the day started. I was wondering what are your favorite smoothies? You prefer fruits or vegetables? And which fruits/veggies to you put together? I personally love my banana, mango & spinach smoothie. Simple and very tasty. But as I want to try some new ones I'm curious about your favorite smoothies!
  22. Try to learn to love fish. Many of us have had bad experiences eating fish that wasn’t very fresh (and was fishy tasting) or fish that wasn’t prepared correctly. The trick to fish is to buy it fresh and never overcook it. This salmon with corn relish is a super simple recipe (just 4 ingredients) that takes no time to make. Be sure and make up a batch of my secret spice recipe (video is available on my website) which adds flavor and not calories. Once the fish is in the oven you’ll have just enough time to put the relish together before the fish is done. Finish the dish by squeezing fresh lime juice over the top. Yum! It’s a tasty, healthy, fresh dinner plan. 1½ lb. fresh salmon 2 ears fresh corn, or ¾ cup frozen corn if fresh isn’t available 1 avocado Juice of 1 lime 4 tsp. Mary’s Secret Spice (MSS) or 2 tsp. each of cumin and chili powder Step 1: Prepare the fish Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Rub a teaspoon of MSS on each salmon fillet and place in a baking dish coated with cooking spray. Bake salmon 15 minutes or until meat is pink and flakes easily. Step #2: Prepare relish In a skillet coated with cooking spray, sauté corn in olive oil, season with salt and pepper. Cook about 3 minutes. Step #3 Prepare relish Combine corn, diced avocado and lime juice in a bowl and stir together gently. Step #4: Finish Top salmon with relish and serve. Source recipe from
  23. Trying to lose weight

    Try swimming or rowing machines. They help burn calories relatively faster and you end up losing weight in short span of time.
  24. Booze

    Hi all first post and just joined . I am wanting to lose weight and joined a gym . My goal is to lose weight and stop drinking a bottle wine every night! But I am struggling with the wine. Even when I goto the gym I'll pick one up on the way home . Any one else been in the situation? Any reply would be greatly appreciated . Thank in advance
  25. Trying to lose weight

    Endurance jogging is a great fat burner! Build up to an hour and always stretch afterwards to avoid injury
  26. Gym Clothing - What should i buy?

    Shoes/trainers for whatever type of exercise you plan to do - thick heel to absorb impact for walking & jogging or a thick sole for indoor gym work. T-shirt and shorts from a sports shop should do. We look forward to your future posts!
  27. Looking for fitness testers for an app

    Let me know more about it & I'll consider it
  28. Trying to lose weight

    I have been overweight for a few years now and I am very self conscious because of my weight. 4 and a half months ago I started cycling every day and apart from the odd few days I have been going every day since and in the last two months or so I have started dieting. I have lost some weight and my belly fat has definitely gone down and my old watch fits again which is great but I want to make progress faster. I am going to look into joining a gym very soon as well. Until I join the gym should I just stick to doing a fairly intense cycle every day or is there something else I can do to directly target my belly fat? Thanks in advance!
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