570R Recumbent Bike


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The 570R Recumbent Bike from Schwinn features a 3.5kg (7.7 lbs.) perimeter weighted drive system; 25 computer controlled levels of resistance; fixed handlebars; and an adjustable saddle and backrest for optimum positioning during your cycle. With Schwinn DualTrack; you have 2 LCD windows to monitor up to 13 different display feedbacks. The main display is a 3 x 5 blue backlit LCD screen; paired with a 1 x 5″ secondary screen. Enjoy on-the-go workout feedback; as you work through one of the 29 workout programmes. These include 12 profile; 9 heart rate control (4 Beginner; 4 Advanced; 1 Custom); 4 custom user defined; 2 fitness tests (1 Beginner; 1 Advanced); 1 recovery test and 1 quick start. Track your heart rate via contact and telemetry monitors; and allow the Bluetooth smart connectivity to sync your data with Schwinn Connect; the Schwinn Trainer App; My FitnessPal and other Under Armour Connected Fitness Apps. For entertainment and motivation; the 570R is built with an impressive acoustic chambered sound system. Additional accessories include a water bottle holder; reading rack and 3 speed cooling fan.”


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