Airdyne AD8 Dual Action Air Cycle (Full Commercial)


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Last updated: 2020-11-27 10:33:36

The Airdyne AD8 is the latest upright bike from Schwinn; which is designed to allow you to work up a sweat in the comfort of your own home. Thanks to its space saving structure paired with infinite resistance levels; you’re able to target all body parts whilst getting that ever-important heart rate up. The bike’s design offers an adjustable seat and multi position hand grips; combined with the addition of a heart rate telemetry feature. With that in mind; it’s never been easier to hit your fitness goals down to the exact mark thanks to the multi-display LCD console showing you the calories; watts; time; distance; speed; RPM and heart rate readouts of every workout. Comfort and ease of tracking aside; it’s time to take those workouts up a notch as the AD8 features a vast range of interval programmes; target programs; aerobic and anaerobic training – alongside heart rate level indicators for fat burn. An indoor cycle session has never been simpler thanks to the perimeter weighed performance fan for an easy start up and smooth ride; paired with a single stage belt drive system for efficient power transfer; low maintenance and quiet operation. Not only that; but the AD8 is built with durable commercial grade components; meaning it’s able to withstand the abuse of continued use in a commercial; or home environment. The AD8 now comes with the Air Diverter Accessory (SCACDIV) included; blocking the air created bv the bike’s wheel movement from blowing in the user’s face.


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