Apollo 7300 3-station Multi-Gym Package 1


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The Apollo 7300 3-station Multi Gym allows for modular versatility that allows custom station positioning to accommodate various room configurations. Crafted from inert-gas MIG welding; premium grade naugahyde upholstery; military-spec nylon coated cables; and three independent 200 lbs. steel weight stacks. The Multi Press Station accommodates a variety of exercises from the combined multi press/row station; lat pulldown station; mid pulley and low pulley positions. An adjustable back pad allows for custom range of motion settings; and the ratchet-style adjustable seat is ideal for all users. The press bar can be moved to one of seven positions; and offers multiple handle heights and orientations to choose from. The Leg Extension/Curl station features a 6-position adjustable leg hold down to accommodate all users. With a multi-position back pad and bio-mechanical seat; it provides maximum ergonomic support throughout your lower body training; while the custom cam design ensures proper strength curve through the entire range of movement. The High Low Pulley Station is the perfect compact trainer for nearly any space or room. The multi-purpose station offers virtually unlimited cable exercise potential: perform standing rows; core rotations; lat pulldowns; tricep extensions; ab crunches and more. The dual handle pulley carriage allows bilateral and unilateral movements; with a


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