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Newly designed; the Powertec Compact Leg Sled is the ultimate strength machine for strengthening and toning your leg muscles. Designed to fit into tight workout spaces; the sled is far more compact than others in its class and therefore ideal for use at home; allowing you to effectively perform the following exercises: leg press; calf raise; squat; single leg calf raise; single leg squat. Built with optimal performance in mind; this impressive machine is comfortable to use. The redesigned carriage features an extra 3 inches to the range of motion; while the nylon bearing wheels deliver a super-smooth and quiet exercise. With 8 wheels attached to the solid steel guide rods; your motion is precise from top to bottom and prevents lateral movement. Customisation comes courtesy of the adjustable seat; back pad; hand grips and foot plate. Locking you in place securely and comfortably; it’s easy to find your perfect position for your leg day routine. 255lbs set Olympic Plates and a 1 Weight Horn are optional extras (sold separately).”


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