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  2. I accept nootropic supplements . They improve mood, improve memory, energy, fight with manifestations of depression. Natural nootropic supplements help to safely reach peak mental capacity, making the brain more healthy.
  3. Favorite smoothie

    currant with strawberries like
  4. grilled chicken

  5. Breakfast

    Ive been tracking my meals for a week now and have found that i am not hitting my protein macros enough and normally find that it is because I don't consume enough protein in my breakfast meal. Any ideas on what i can eat to change this and what you may eat at breakfast that i could try.
  6. Jannat's Silly Adventures Season 1 ep1-10
  7. Sagging hanging stomach issue

    It's standard. Basically, you need to lean out by build more muscle and burning fat (ie not lose weight). Focus on a strength training programme, combined with a higher protein intake. Chuck in some cardio. And don't eat so much. Use MFP to track your intake.
  8. Have always had this issue where when i lean forward my stomach extends to crazy amounts, like the entire content of my insides just falls towards gravity. I'm not fat just a little overweight on my stomach not noticeable in clothes when standing & i understand that gravity will cause sagging when leaning forward as it happens to everybody but in my case it seems extreme. So if i want to go about fixing this what workout will help? Bare in mind that i got my weight down to 148lb & that didn't help much now back at 168.
  9. Yes, that's a good point. When losing weeight we should all aim to get a couple of kilos of fat off. While following a regular routines exercise there are things you may want to also pay importanct to. - Drink lots of water - avoid juices and drinks with sugar - reduce alcohol - eat controlled portions of food - avoid eating late at night (just before you go to sleep for example) - be more active if you can other than the gym, may walk during meetings at the office? - focus on lean meat, fish , chicken and foods rich in protein This healthy fitness tips list is great to get you started but you may also want to check out programmes provided by personal trainers or certified dieticians. I hope this helps :)
  10. Great question. Focus on eating more vegetables and a little less of the bad stuff. I would also do some strength training - speak to a personal trainer about doing things like deadlifts, squats, bench press, shoulder press and rows. Throw in a little cardio (running machine). You'll reduce the fat around the middle, making your body tighter with subtle muscle like all those fitness models you see on Insta.
  11. Hey everyone! I am new to this but in need of a lifestyle change and do not have many other options. Currently, as a college student, my diet consists of pretty much of fruit and junk food. I am 5'8 at about 140 pounds, so I am pretty slender. I do not want to necessarily lose weight, however I do want to lose fat around my belly and love handles. What kind of diet should I follow that would help me target this, but also not lose TOO much weight? Thanks everyone!
  12. My 4 Years Journey in Fitness

    Salute to everyone, I am 27 years old and up until this age I had been through two body transformations. The first one occurred in high school when I gradually started to reshape my body from skinny and athletic to muscularity. I was a professional swimmer for years and then I switched to gym and weightlifting at 16. I did it for a couple of years till I quit everything and became sedentary for another couple of years. Once I was able to swim 12 km a day and then after I lost my physical condition, I wasn't even able to jog more than 4 km. After this period I got pretty fat and thus, I started to run for almost an entire year to get rid of about 10 kg of stored fat. I've become skinny again weighing 72 kg. This turning point was crucial because in absence of any money, I needed to do something to gain mass, pure muscles. Weightlifting was simply out of the question and at that point, I also get tired of the egocentric people therein. Therefore, outdoors training suddenly became my religion. I started to workout everywhere I could around the city, regardless of how the environment looked or what it had to offer. I improvised a lot. Then I found out this culture as a name, calisthenics. So I was kind of involved in bodyweight training performed outdoors, more like a Street FItness thing but without any fancy moves. I always kept it simple by doing compounds only like pushups, pull-ups, dips, squats, running, sprints, leg raises, jumps etc. From 72 kg I gained around 18 more. I currently weigh 90 kg, more or less. I achieved them by training organically and all natural. Proper nutrition and adequate sleep were part of my daily discipline. I trained 5 times a week, month after month, year after year. I changed methods and styles but always kept it simple. Now, I made this thread just to present briefly my personal story and maybe to motivate you in a way or another. And if someone is curious about something I do, I am here to reply with positivity. I made a video, very short, of 2 minutes, where I put all my best images. Here you can see my progress and also my fitness level. I hope it is not against the rules and thanks in advance.
  13. Favorite smoothie

    My favourite smoothie combination is undoubtedly strawberry & banana. Pretty original but I love the texture and flavour, also love some mango too as I think it's great for texture. I like to add maybe a vegetable now and again but only something light, like spinach or kale. I'm interested to know what base liquid you use to make your smoothies? I used to make mine with orange juice or some other fruit juice, but after coming across these recipes I started to make them with water. After initially being sceptical, it's surprisingly better - the smoothies taste very clean and have much less sugar content and don't taste as sweet.
  14. episode 7 of Jannat's Silly Adventures episode 8 of Jannat's Silly Adventures Episode 9 of Jannat's Silly Adventures episode 10
  15. Running/Exercising

    Power hill walking, sprint running and running up hills will tone your calves - stick to flat walks and runs just to burn fat HTH
  16. Running/Exercising

    Can anyone give me advice. I started running to lose a bit of weight (I didn't have much to lose) but more to tone up. I've been doing long runs/power walking as this burns the calories but it has made my calves bigger (wider) and more muscle which isn't the look I am going for. Should I stop the running and try a different exercise or should I be doing something different to help slim my calves down?
  17. Rebranding an Existing Program

    Why don't you say what you're planning on copying/changing and describe the changes? It shouldn't be a problem unless you show us the detail. And if it's not a massive change then you're likely to be sued so posting on here will be the least of your problems.
  18. Rebranding an Existing Program

    I wonder if it would be plagiarism if I openly say it's based around an original idea, then it's not being passed off as my own original idea
  19. Rebranding an Existing Program

    Something to definitely think about. Currently working on renaming moves and then adding a little spin to them :)
  20. Help needed

    Join a gym! -a year's subscription as a birthday present?? it should include a program using available equipment Like minded people, same motivation and better odds you'll stick with it HTH
  21. Rebranding an Existing Program

    Are you plagiarising it?? Not enough detail. I call a move what it is and perhaps where it comes from and then add my interpretation and then I may or may not call that combination something different.
  22. Work-outs: Am I doing it right?

    what I am doing is worth it? Add more cardio to burn fat increasing my exercises correct? yes exercises pointless if I am still eating more fatty/sugary foods than I should be? Muscle definition needs thin skin to show it off, thick fatty skin hides the muscle less sets and more reps, or less reps and more sets? Do weight training 2-3 times a week, 2-3 sets and 8-10 reps HTH
  23. Update on Ankle - What Is Best?

    The anti -inflammatory will relieve the pain - keep doing as your doctor says HTH
  24. Great that you're going to a gym - your membership fees should include a program with your specific needs using their equipment Ask for a split routine - either twice or 3 times a week (up to you & your diary) Increase weight gradually with maximum 2-3 sets and 8-10 reps Keep to natural foods with a portion of protein every meal
  25. Rebranding an Existing Program

    You may need to speak to a lawyer. I would completely change the structure just to be safe, taking out any signature moves that define it as the system you're copying.
  26. Gym Advice Needed

    Thanks for the advice, I'm currently attending gym, 3 times a week during the week. Weekends I can't attend as I have my daughter. So having 3 bowls of cereal doing any harm or making it harder in the long run?
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