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  2. Hi, my name is Mark I am 16 stone (224 pound) and 5 ft 7. For a while now, I have seen my body weight increasing slightly. I am now at a stage where I want to become and look more healthy and include health eating and becoming fitter. My goal is to lose weight quick (I know everybody wants that) but I am between jobs so I have the time and will be committed to make sure I achieve this. My goal is to be around 13.5/14 stone. I would rather an intense workout rather than a few minutes a day. I will be doing most of my workouts in the local park in the evening. Could someone please advise what exercises I should be doing please, and for how long etc. Also, I have 2 dumbbells at 5kg each, would these be useful in any exercises I do? I know that I have to cut down on carbs and calories, can someone please advise a rough carb and calorie reduction as a guide. I will appreciate any suggestions or advice. Thank you. Mark
  3. Today I read that beer has more calories than wine and is one of the main contributors to obesity resulting in the famous beer belly. Reference from eMaxHealth: Beer Rises in the Yeast and settles in the Waist. My question is, if you are a beer drinker, how many is ok per week so one doesn't get a beer belly? Thank yo.
  4. Overtraining?

    OK so a bit of back story, I'm a former amateur boxer and between mid Jan to late March I was preparing for a fight, the fight didn't go ahead due to an injury on the week I was supposed to fight, in hindsight this was a blessing in disguise as I'm worried that I was and still am over trained and malnourished. I actually dropped a weight class from 86KG which is the product of hard training and a good diet to 79KG which is probably more a product of an extreme diet, I came back to gym after Christmas and a few weeks off weighing 88KG. I really had to cut calories to get to this weight and I was training 5-6 days a week and it had me looking quite gaunt and unwell at one point, my hunger levels were very high as was general irritation and as time went by I completely lost my libido and regularly felt colder than I normally would have. I decided that this along with regularly getting punched in the head is not a healthy way to go an decided to call it a day and focus more on my overall health and developed some new goals which included making sure I'm getting enough calories and from the right sources!. I decided I'd be better to try and continue with the good cardio I had attained from regular boxing and running but also incorporate weight training as the non stop cardio had left me feeling really weak and drained and boxing can often lead to some muscular imbalances so thought it would be good to try and iron out some of these and to gain some mass as I no doubt would have lost some muscle from the rapid weight loss. I took a couple of days off and then started a programme which sees me lifting 3 times a week and running a 5k 2-3 times a week, I tried to ease into the weights and focus on the right bio-mechanics before adding too much weight but my strength has gone up quite rapidly and ive already been able to add more numbers to the bars. One thing I've really noticed since stopping boxing is that although I was tired when training for the fight my fatigue levels have gone pretty high and I'll wake up in the morning feeling really drained even after a good 7-8 hours of sleep and my body will feel weak and achey and not in the same way as it did when I had lifted weights in the past, is this a sign that I should have taken more of a rest? Should I take one now? If so for how long? I'm keen to crack on with the new programme but I do feel physically and mentally tired and sometimes really can't be bothered to train, could it be that over time the deficit has caught up with me? Since going back to eating normally, what I consider to be my new normal is eating when I'm hungry and stopping when I'm full and trying to listen to my body and make sure I'm eating healthy which I've always been very good at. However that hasn't gone as I'd hoped as since the boxing diet stopped my appetite has become out of control and I'm craving all sorts of sweet sugary things and have had a few binge episodes, is this from how deprived in calories I was? How do I reset this? It can be psychological because I'll even eat when I'm full and have become very food obsessed as if I have an eating disorder. Can anyone tell me what this might be? Is it over training or undernourishment? Could it be a mixture of both? What can I do to recover from this?
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