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  2. Why am I not seeing results

    Hello, Here is a great fitness program for fitness enthusiast of all levels. With this program you will get various workouts sent you regularly. Workouts range from basic in home work outs to high intensity and MetCon work outs. All exercises come with video and written explanations and you can also track your progress and nutrition. With this program you will choose between 2 memberships the Fundamental membership which is the more basic membership, made for beginners and people that are looking to work out at home or outside. Most workouts dont need equipment, some may include bands . The other membership option is the Gym membership which has all types of workouts, with equipment that can be found in any local gym. You can email terrell for information.
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  4. Hi Liv, I'm no expert but it seems to me that although you're very young, you are doing way too much at once and your body is simply telling you that. Your legs might need more time to warm up to the kind of work you do and maybe you are doing too much that work 'per session' when you do it. You are dealing with muscles and tendons and joints, and you are doing some kind of damage to a combination of the three every time you work out would be my first guess, and maybe if you carry on then the damage could develop into something more serious like a disease of the joints or tendons like Legitt suggested above. If I were you I would cut all your distances and/or times in half for a month, and also warm up well as 'Legitt' above said. If you do that and it still persists you might need to have your body examined by a doctor. I just think you're hitting it too hard though. Hope that helps. BJ
  5. Rotator Cuff

    You need to find a good Physio and get the correct exercises - this is a complicated injury and maybe it can be fixed? with caution with certain movements Once the rehabilitation is over and successful you may be ok to get back to training properly! Let us know how you get on
  6. Why am I not seeing results

    Weight on the scales doesn't tell you anything - have a body composition to see how much muscle & fat & water you have. Go to a Personal Trainer to keep your lifting challenging and injury free Keep eating right and you will see results, sometimes the body plateaus for a while Let us know how you get on
  7. Have you researched Peripheral Arterial Disease with intermittent claudication? just a thought Warm up well before you push your body. HTH
  8. How do I reduce body fat properly?

    This is solid advice, all of it. I'd definitely recommend people read this - I say this because my replying will likely boost its ranking in the search bar and results page. Thank you for this; you'll help a lot of people and could potentially be saving lives.
  9. Hi, was wondering if you could help me with some market research, can you let me know what colour/s of protein shaker you would buy? Thanks
  10. Home Workout!

    Hi all! If you’re looking to get fitter and stronger this year without needing to get to the gym, please read on! We know the gym isn’t for everyone - maybe you’re new to working out and don’t yet feel comfortable in a gym, maybe you get home late from work and simply don’t have the time to make it there, or maybe you just aren’t down for paying the high monthly membership costs! Whatever your situation is, not getting to the gym doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your goals! We know this, so we created a 12 week guide which targets fat loss and toning! The only equipment required is dumbbells. You choose the weight depending on your strength and ability, so as you progress, there’s no need to change your plan, just up the weights! The guide has been created by professional qualified personal trainer, and it’s full price is just £25! That’s about half of just 1 personal training session in the gym! We believe getting fit and healthy shouldn’t cost the world, and it should be available to everyone, no matter what you’re situation! So if you want to read more about us and our plan, or ask us any questions, check out our site - We’d also like to offer you a 20% off discount to help you on your journey! Use the code ‘FITNESSLF20’ at checkout! We look forward to helping you on your journey! Jenn & Jenn
  11. Hi Legitt, thank you for your advice, I always thought I did the things you listed above, but now I will pay more attention to making sure that I do them all. Except the pillow in bed you suggest, I don't really know exactly where I should put it in order to help with the aching. I am doing more varied typed of aerobic exercise to minimize the impact on my joints each week. I am also using herbal teas as well to act as an anti inflammatory, hopefully this should help in the long run. Thanks again. Bj
  12. Research

    Hello everyone! I'm an undergraduate student currently studying psychology. I would REALLY appreciate it if people could fill out my dissertation survey, its about different aspects of mental health, I will post the link below, thank you so much.
  13. Research

    Hello everyone! I'm an undergraduate student currently studying psychology. I would REALLY appreciate it if people could fill out my dissertation survey, its about different aspects of mental health, I will post the link below, thank you so much.
  14. When to have protein powder

    It really is entirely up to you. There is a lot of talk about there being an 'optimal' time to eat protein and its usually within 45 minutes of finishing your workout but recent research has shown that this isn't the case. You can eat protein at anytime of the day so just eat it when it suits you or when you fancy it. I think people tend to have it after a workout because you tend to be immediately hungry! So yeah, eat it when ever suits you and you'll hopefully see the results you want! Hope this was useful
  15. Hi there, we are a small group of students from General Assembly in London who are conducting a small survey into healthy eating and fitness tracking. if you have a couple of minutes to fill out our survey it would extremely helpful! There are no requirements to answer any questions you don't want to, any responses at all will be valuable to us. Any personal information will be internal only and the project is not available to the public it is purely internal. Thanks for your time. Here is the survey -
  16. Personal fitness trainer on true personal level. Why cheap? Big difference in salary and buying power between countries. What can I offer? Everyday communication and complete step by step plan for diet,workout and supplements. People usually give up fast cause they get same copy/paste diet/workout and have additional questions about everything. Lack of knowledge combined with lack of progress = motivation runs out fast. I'll be your trainer - motivation and I'll make sure you reach your goal and learn in the process. About me: 28 years 6'5 and 230lbs (1,98m,105kg) - Certified fitness trainer and nutrition specialist - 8 years of experience in fitness field - 3rd place national drug free powerlifting competition - National basketball champion - 2rd place international rowing competition etc. Instagram:
  17. Rotator Cuff

    Around 10 years ago I tore the supraspinatum (not sure on the spelling there) in my left shoulder. Unfortunately, it was dealt with completely incorrectly by the locum doctor I saw at the time (no x-ray or ultrasound, just sent to a (very poor) physio for a few weeks) and I've had on/off trouble with it ever since. Sometimes the aching can be improved by having a chiropractor release a muscle around my shoulder blade but often I just have to put up with aching all down the back of my left arm. For a long time it wasn't a problem. Unfortunately, since I've started strength training it's been aching a LOT. I did a workout with a personal trainer at the gym this morning and for almost the whole day since my left arm has felt weak and achy again. I was wondering if anyone knows whether this is to be expected after this kind of injury? I don't want to have to stop and it's not as though I'm pushing myself too hard yet - today's focus was lower body! What should I do??
  18. Machines or free weights

    I would say that you can use what ever one you'd prefer, i think you're still just as likely to get an injury from free weights than from machines, you should just be careful and start off at a lighter weight
  19. My weight is currently at 60kg and I maintained it for months despite going to the gym twice a day working out and lifting. Although, I have stopped seeing development of my abs (actually I don’t have abs at all) even though I do a lot of abs workout correctly, my bi and tri seized growing even though I’m lifting more. Is it due to my diet being low in fats because I do take a lot of proteins. My friends told me despite having correct exercise and protein intake that I should take in more fats. What I’m surprised is usually muscles are heavier than fats yet I don’t see much on gaining when I am on the scale
  20. The Cardio Thread! Exercise For Fat Loss

    Hello!! My favourite is definitely high intensity interval training in the form of sprints. I do 30 seconds off 30 seconds on. I enjoy it because its fun and hard work, i like how it really makes you break a sweat which feels great.
  21. Hey guys, This is my first post in this forum so hopefully this is the right place! I'm 26 and I've always been super active, into loads of sports; tennis, cycling, running, hockey etc but for as long as I can remember I've suffered with an extremely annoying symptom after exercise which I just can't seem to understand and when I mention it to people no one knows what I'm talking about, so I was hoping someone on here might have experienced it too or perhaps has more ideas of the human body than myself! After intense (ish) exercise, (for example cycling 20k in 40mins caused it the other day) I get extreme pain in my legs a few hours after working out. It's always only in my legs but it can last hours and keeps me up at night. I'm sure it isn't cramp because cramp doesn't last as long and this is so bad I can't concentrate on anything else. It's hard to describe but I guess it feels like my legs are about to drop off, like they are being squeezed super hard or something. It can occur in both or just one or it can move from one to the other and it doesn't always happen! This definitely isn't DOMS because it happens not long after exercise and often I feel fine the next day and I know exactly what DOMS feels like! Stretching and rubbing seems to make it worse although I always want to stretch or rub them because it feels better in the moment but on release absolutely kills. The only thing which I think might work is applying a cold spray on the area. Has anyone ever experienced this before or might know what I'm talking about? I'm not sure it has much affect on my life really because it does go away the next day but it does happen a lot and seeing as I exercise a lot and I'm training for a triathlon at the moment it really isn't ideal! It's just infuriating, makes me feel like if I push myself fitness wise I'm going to really pay for it. Thank you!!
  22. Work out what is causing your knees and hips to ache: Do you stretch after exercising to relieve the tension over your joints? Do you keep your heels down when stepping? Do you include balancing and core exercises? Do you use a pillow/cushion to keep your knee in line with your hip joint when lying on your side in bed? Let us know how you get on and if any of the above was helpful
  23. Amputee finess

    Similar rules apply to bands as free weights - try our different band resistances 1st - grey and black were the strongest, different suppliers have different colours. Are you allowed to use your body weight eg push ups? If so, there are loads of body weight exercise options online too
  24. Sounds like a great tool for PFT's -let us know when it's available
  25. Tiny changes can mean big results if you actually take the steps, and time, to make them. Find out 6 Quick & Easy Ways to Lose Fat Fast Going after weight gain by going on a diet is like walking into a gunfight with a sharp stick. You might make a little dent, but in the end, you'll do yourself more harm than good. Here's why: Typical diets restrict calories, and that means lowering your metabolism—the calorie furnace in your body that determines longterm weight loss. Going on a diet sends a signal to your body that says "I'm starving here!" And your body responds by slowing your metabolic rate in order to hold on to existing energy stores. What's worse, if the food shortage (meaning your crash diet) continues, you'll begin burning muscle tissue, which just gives your enemy, visceral fat, a greater advantage. Your metabolism drops even more, and fat goes on to claim even more territory. Want proof that you can lose substantial amounts of weight—and keep it off for good—without ever dieting? Keep reading. 1. Muscle up your metabolism Quite simply, metabolism is the rate at which our bodies burn the energy from food calories. During your skinny teens, your body was a raging, hormonally fed inferno. But your burn rate falls by 2 percent every 10 years from your twenties onward, and you know what happens to energy that isn't used: It's stored as fat. Muscle is several times more metabolically active than fat. The more muscle you have, the hotter your fire burns. And if you activate those muscles through physical activity, the potential fat burn can last for up to 24 hours. Any light exercise that maintains muscle mass will attack fat at the same time. 2. Help your loved ones lose weight One of the more fascinating pieces of obesity-related research I've read came out in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2007. Researchers looked at data on 12,000 people—many of them related to one another—who'd been tracked in the Framingham Heart Study. Their conclusion: A person was at greater risk for being obese if others in his or her social network were obese. The stats: If a friend became obese, risk climbed by 57 percent; if a sibling became obese, risk went up by 40 percent; a spouse, plus 37 percent. The same study concluded that the benefits of weight loss may radiate through social networks as well. And think about how cool it will be around the Thanksgiving table next year, when you all look awesome! Pass the brussels sprouts! 3. Make the most of your morning A study from the University of Massachusetts Medical School determined that people who skip breakfast are 4 1/2 times more likely to be obese than people who make time for it. An expert from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center estimated that going without breakfast can slow your metabolism by up to 10 percent. Build breakfast out of protein and healthy fat. Eggs. Greek yogurt. Peanut butter. Milk. The more protein you eat, the more satisfied you'll be: A 2008 study published in the British Journal of Nutrition noted that the protein can lead to feelings of fullness that last all day long. 4. Sip your way slim You're made out of water—over 60 percent, by most reck- onings. So you need to drink plenty of it. But talk about Trojan horses: In the past 30 years, we've more than doubled the number of calories we drink, raising it to 450 on average today. Why? Because we stopped drinking water, and started drinking sugar water! If you take only one thing from this chapter, make it this: If a drink has added sugar, it's liquid fat. Bottled blubber. Fizzy flab. Drinkable derriere. Caboose in a can. Phase it out of your drinking diet, and you'll make huge strides toward shedding unwelcome, unnecessary weight. 5. Stop being harassed by clowns A study from Yale University's Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity found that 50 percent of kids said the food in a box with Shrek's green mug on it tasted better than the very same food in a Shrekless box. And what kinds of food most often have cartoon characters on them? Right: sugar-laden ones. Adults fall prey to similar marketing techniques on their foods' packaging as well. But guess what? An apple doesn't come with a label. Beware packaged foods that present you with meaningless buzz-words like "natural," "fat free," "diet," and "a smart choice"—and ingredient lists longer than Al Capone's rap sheet. When you buy whole foods as they grew in nature—a salmon fillet, green beans, an orange—each has only one ingredient: the food itself. All of your grocery store transactions should be so simple. 6. Shrink your pot, shrink your belly I kid you not. Brian Wansink, Ph.D., a food visionary who runs the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, has devoted extraordinary attention to the effects that the containers that carry our food and drink have on how much we consume. His rule of thumb: The larger the plate or bowl or glass, the more you will eat or slurp or drink from it. The bad news: We're on the wrong side of a century-long expansion in the sizes of our dinner plates and the volumes of our drink- ing glasses. As go your portion sizes, so goes your personal size. Instead of 1 cup of chocolate ice cream, enjoy 1⁄2 cup of chocolate ice cream with 1⁄2 cup of sliced strawberries. The fruit tastes great, adds tons of antioxidants, and saves you 115 calories.
  26. What Supplements Do You Use?

    i use creatine and a stim-free preworkout to aid the blood flow
  27. Hi guys and gals, I'm currently a third year sport psychology university student doing my final year dissertation, looking into perfectionism, disordered eating and exercise dependence and how these are affected due to participation at the gym. I'd really appreciate it if any one would take 10 minutes of their time to fill in the questionnaire (that can be found through the attached link) - there is an inclusion criteria stated on the first page, however, fitting into this is not essential, but for the sake of 'good' data please state that you do fit into the criteria. The results of the study can be sent to anyone who is interested, please just ask :) Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance!!
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