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The DKN 36kg black cast iron barbell and dumbbell weight set makes a nice workout expanding opportunity for those who are interested in strengthening muscles, toning body, or simply getting in shape with the help of functional workouts or cross-fit. The set features a selection of weight plates to build the means to match numerous exercises and several challenges depending on the training circumstances. The plates are made of high quality black cast iron to ensure exceptional durability and sublime aesthetics. There are also embossed weight marks for swift identification, and the plates are compatible with standard 1-inch bars. To complement the weight set, there is a solid steel, chrome plated barbell, as well as a pair of dumbbell bars to ensure plenty of possibilities of developing exercising solutions while tackling different muscle groups or seeking new ways of training. Both bars and the barbell are designed to last, and ensure a firm grip while performing a variety of moves. Additionally, the necessary number of spinlock collars is included to prevent the discs from swaying around, therefore maximising the stability and safety during training.




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