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The Studio 7400 by DKN is a compact and very functional multi-gym designed for complete body workout solutions that’ll help you build a balanced physique at home. It combines all essential exercises in a single training hub that makes a fine choice for gaining lean muscle, improving strength and building overall great fitness. It’s great for training chest muscles and establishing a nice tapered silhouette with a row and lat pulleys, whereas the preacher pad with curl attachment helps isolate biceps for more efficient targeting and results. With the Studio 7400, skipping a leg day is not an option thanks to a dedicated leg curl station. This complete training setup is an optimal choice for both beginners and veteran gym lovers. **KEY FEATURES** – Suitable for complete power training – Compact yet versatile machine designed for a wide range of exercises – High and low pulley stations for back exercises – Dual-action chest station for both a chest press and a pec-deck – Preacher pad to





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