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Combining high-tech functionality with a compact, space-efficient design, the Dynamax RunningPad Fold Flat treadmill is a great choice for small living spaces. Powered by a 1 HP eco-efficient motor, it offers a speed range of 1-9kph (0.6-6mph) and allows for quick adjustments either by using the included wireless remote control or with the adaptive speed control system. The low impact 44cm (17″) x 120cm (47″) fibreboard deck feels nicely cushioned thanks to a supportive soft gel cushioning system. Live workout feedback is displayed on Mirage LED display and the treadmill interacts with the compatible WalkingPad app via Bluetooth connection to let you track and control your workout. The RunningPad’s patented folding mechanism allows for packing the treadmill into less than 0.5m2.




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