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Gain strength, increase flexibility and burn a ton of calories using the Fitness Mad black kettlebell. Offering dynamic, whole body workouts, the kettlebell allows for improving cardio fitness, coordination, range of motion and balance, as well as for targeting multiple muscle groups. It is great both for fitness lovers and martial arts enthusiasts and ensures a firm grip thanks to an oversized powder coated handle. This compact and portable training tool guarantees full, fluid motion and has a stable base with a heavy-duty vinyl skin for excellent floor protection. The kettlebell is perfect for a variety of exercises including Deadlift, kettlebell swing, goblet squat, Turkish get up, kettlebell press, kettlebell clean, kettlebell snatch, suitcase lunge, sumo deadlift with high pull, hand to hand swing, figure-8, push press, triceps press, halo, bent-over row and flutter kick.




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