G152X Global Gym Plus with Leg Press


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Part of BH Fitness’s Global Gym Series; the Global Gym Plus G152X is a complete home gym; bringing you everything you need for versatile; total-body workouts. Conveniently presented in a neat; all-in-one package; this impressive gym features a multi-station – 73kg weight stack – with seated leg press and a power tower for working those upper muscles plus your core/abs. You can move seamlessly between exercises and get more done in less time. A sturdy machine; the G152X boasts a protective steel enclosure with excellent rigidity; while specially designed cable pulleys are able to withstand a maximum tension of 100kg. As the machine is completely encased; you have greater protection and safety when training. Made for comfort; oversized seat pads ensure you can train for as long as you want and the leg press can be adjusted easily for a custom fit. The machine features an exercise guide on the side. You can complete a wide range of exercises; including: Lat Down; Butterfly; Leg Extension; Leg Abductor; Leg Adductor; Abdominal Crunch and more; and work the triceps; shoulders; glutes; abs and leg muscles in a variety of ways.


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