G2 Multi Gym


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You get a wide range of total body exercises with the space-efficient G2 multi-gym. Designed for strength training; this compact machine is easy-to-use so that you can get going with your strength training straightaway – whatever your level of ability. Ergonomically-designed to mimic your body’s natural path of motion; it effectively supports you during every exercise. The durable; solid machine offers a vast variety of exercises. Its Variable Arc Press Station enables traditional fixed arc; converging and close grip chest presses; as well as extended arm; pec; fly; rear deltoid and seated rowing exercise. Designed with ease of use in mind; switching between exercises is made easy so that you can get started without a hitch. Multi-gym includes: lat bar; revolving low row bar; ankle strap; 160 lb/73kg weight stack and weight stack shrouds


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