G9U Multi Station Gym with VKR Station


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We’ve teamed the quality Body-Solid G9U Multi-Station Gym with the optional VKR Station (Vertical Knee Raise) to bring you an all-in-one strength training centre with incredible training variety. Featuring a solid 2 x 4; 11-gauge mainframe construction; the G9U offers exceptional durability while impact-resistance pulleys and 2;200 lb. tension strength cables offer reliability and low maintenance. Offering as vast range of exercises; teamed with the VKR system enables training for up to three people simultaneously. Complete with fully adjustable range of motion; the Perfect Pec Station allows you to achieve deeper muscle penetration for faster; more defined results. There are two 210 lb./95kg) selectorized weight stacks; plus an additional weight stack for the Leg Press/ Calf Press Station. Complete with a 2 to 1 weight ratio; it offers an incredible 420 lb/190kg leg press capacity. The multi-function Press Arm Station is excellent for bench press; incline press; shoulder press and chest supported mid row exercises. The integrated leg developer CAM prevents resistance drop-off at the end of the exercise movement and provides consistent resistance throughout the full range of motion. Complete with safety and comfort features; the G9U comes with top grade DuraFirm pads with lumbar support to provide ultimate comfort and relieve back strain. The non-slip; rubber encased foot plate is constructed of heavy-gauge steel for safe operation during even the most intense workouts. The included VKR Station features a specially contoured and oversized back pad; arm pads and handgrips to provide maximum comfort for abdominal; shoulder and triceps workouts. Please note: weight stacks can be upgraded from 210lbs to 2 x 260lbs stacks for an additional charge – if required; please add 2 x BSSP50.


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