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Featuring a simple; space-saving design that doesn’t compromise on good looks or performance; the Body-Solid GEXM2000 Multi-Gym delivers exceptional training in its all-in-one machine. Packed into a concise 4 x 5 foot space; it fits comfortably into most rooms while the 210lbs weight stack; shrouded for maximum safety; guarantees workouts to take your performance to new heights. Delivering on comfort; the GEXM2000 features an adjustable seat and back pad; allowing you to tweak for a custom fit. The weight selector pin is within easy reach too so you can pick your desired weight with minimum fuss. The bench press arms are also fully adjustable to ensure you get the exact right positioning for you. There are dozens of exercises to be performed on this multi-gym. Designed with free weights in mind; flys have never been more precise. Reach up for the Ab Strap; pull it over your shoulders and crunch your way to impeccable abs; or wrap your legs around the oversized foam rollers of the Leg Extension / Leg Curl and blast those quads. Spin around; reach up and take hold of the Lat Bar and perform a set of Lat-blasting pull downs. Other exercises include seated rows; triceps press downs; arm curls; leg curls; bent over rows; inner / outer thighs and many more.


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