Lat Tower Option for Powertec Roller Smith Machine


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Last updated: 2020-06-20 13:13:02

This Powertec Lat Tower Option is paired perfectly with Powertec’s Roller Smith Machine; with its high and low pulley features increasing your workout options. Using either the wide lat pulldown bar or small flat bar; you can perform cable exercises including tricep pushdowns; lat pulldowns and more. This product is no exception to Powertec’s renowned high quality standards; as it’s built with durability and ease of use at the forefront. Nylon bushings run on two polished steel guide rods which provide a smooth and silent glide; whilst its easy load design offers quick and easy accessibility and precise gliding. The Lat Tower Option also features ring stoppers; designed to stop the weight carriage from travelling to an undesirable distance. Connector included.


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