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The Power Plate my3 Silver is the most affordable way to bring whole body vibration training exercise into your home. Delivering a whole body workout but with a conveniently small footprint; it’s the one piece of fitness equipment ideally placed in any home; whatever the size. The Power Plate my3 seamlessly combines form and function. Sleekly designed but featuring a user-friendly console; it allows you to find your way around the machine with ease so you can get started straightaway. With a range of exercise options including strength; flexibility; relaxation and massage; it delivers a full body workout from just one machine. Innovative design features include a repeat/stop button located at the bottom of the shaft; allowing you to operate the machine from even the most difficult positions; as well as a 30-second workout option; ideal for more challenging exercises. Power Plate’s vibration technology continues to lead the industry due to its proven capabilities. Using the my3 for acceleration training; you can experience a host of benefits including improved blood circulation; increased muscle strength; bone mineral density; flexibility; motion and faster recovery.


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