Rower (AR11)


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Equipped with an aluminium flywheel with 10 precise magnetic resistance settings; this machine offers the perfect challenge to first-time users and experienced rowers alike. The coil spring poly-V belt drive system ensures a whisper-quiet rowing motion for the most enjoyable exercise experience. An adjustable; self-powered; backlit console makes it easy to see complete workout data; including time; distance; heart rate; calories and more; to help users measure their improvement; and the clearly defined quick keys offer instant access to popular training programs at the touch of a button. The Matrix Rower boasts a tough; lightweight handle that features a comfort-enhancing over-mold; allowing all user to comfortable pull stroke after stroke. A high-quality cord is paired with adjustable heel cups and a long aluminium rail reinforced with stainless-steel strips to stand up to a steady stream of users in the busiest exercise environments. It can also be stored easily too! Simply tilting it vertically minimises its footprint; and built-in wheels make it easy to roll the rower into storage or to a new place on your circuit training floor.


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