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Image of Cybex -10 To 80 Bench Adjustable Bench

Cybex -10 To 80 Bench Adjustable Bench

The Cybex Free Weight equipment line complements the entire range of Cybex strength products.The sleek design seamlessly integrates the products into your facilities environment and...


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Image of Ab-Hyp Bench -RED

Ab-Hyp Bench -RED

The Best Fitness Ab-Hyp Bench combines the two most popular core workouts; an ab crunch and a back hyperextension; into one easy-to-use machine. The back hyperextension works comfortably...


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Image of Pro 490 DC Bench

Pro 490 DC Bench

Pro 490 DC Bench


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Image of PBL-21 Bench

PBL-21 Bench

Durable; versatile and easy to use; the PBL-21 is designed to fit any body type. Six adjustable components-each with 3 to 7 positions-offers scores of positioning possibilities. No...


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Image of Lat Attachment for Bench 530 & 540

Lat Attachment for Bench 530 & 540

Lat Tower attachment is designed to fit the B530 and B540 York weight benches; this superb attachment allows you to perform lateral pull-down exercises whilst not having to take on...


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Image of OM1 - Bench-top overhaul mat

OM1 - Bench-top overhaul mat

Park Tool OM1 - Bench-top overhaul mat Large bench top mat for managing fiddly jobs Tool and part po


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Image of Inspire SCS Bench

Inspire SCS Bench

The Inspire SCS Bench was designed to be used with the impressive Smith Cage System. Made from immensely durable, heavy-duty 11 gauge tubular steel it is one of the toughest benches...


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Image of PBL-60 Bench with Leg Extension

PBL-60 Bench with Leg Extension

The PBL-60 is a decline-to-military bench with attached leg developer. Large; curved handles and positioning wheels provide simple placement of the bench. Contoured sport seat with...


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Image of Inspire FID Bench

Inspire FID Bench

The Inspire FID Bench is an ideal commercial use exercise bench for fitness centres and gyms that require reliable and solid multi use equipment. This bench will be excellent for doing...


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Image of Ab Crunch Bench

Ab Crunch Bench

Perform the most effective crunches possible no matter what your level of fitness! The new Variable Resistance Crunch Station from Body-Solid works your abs to perfection by allowing...


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Image of Sport Bench

Sport Bench

The Sport Bench is a low-profile bench with superior comfort providing the perfect platform for your dumbbell workout. It features 5 easy-change positions ranging from flat to military...


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Image of Utility Bench

Utility Bench

The DKN utility bench has a stable and durable construction with a padded seat and back support for improved comfort. It provides a choice of 1 flat and 3 incline positions, which makes...


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Image of Weider Pro 225 L Bench

Weider Pro 225 L Bench

If you're looking for a great strength workout, the Weider Pro 225 L Bench is perfect for you. Featuring a 90 degree seat adjustment, this bench is ideal for dumbbell exercises and...


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Image of Travel Bench

Travel Bench

PowerBlock Travel Bench Now you can exercise wherever you are. The Power Block Travel Bench is perfect where space is limited ; or if you need to work out when your on the move. Adjustable...


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Image of B501 Bench

B501 Bench

The same as the 500 bench; but with the addition of butterfly arms so you can perform chest flye (pec) exercises. Features: 3 position backrest; flat to incline Leg unit with foam rollers...


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