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  1. Hi all, I've always been fairly fit (rugby, athletics, martial arts etc), but now with age and the inevitable slowdown of metabolism I'm facing an issue. I'm aiming for 13st (am 5' 11' fairly athletic build), but am struggling around 14st now, due to the following: Please feel free to point me to a different forum or website as this is not product related. although I've had my FitBit Charge 2 since Christmas 2016, and it helps for sure! I walk around 2-3 miles daily. My issue is overeating in the evenings - not a new one there, but its frustrating. I currently share a house with my mum. We have separate living quarters etc., but after she goes to bed I raid her stuff (last night an entire box of Ritz crackers and a little cheese, followed by toast and honey, a pile of rich tea biscuits), then I'll run to the shops the following day to buy whatever I've taken back for her and sneak it back where it should be... Just letting you know the level of my craziness! During the day I eat fine, still do my steps most days, but from 7pm-9pm (straight after dinner) I am f****** up all the good work I've done during the day. This is getting worse at the moment (we all have stresses in our lives so I'm not going to plead stress!), and I need to nip it in the bud. I've tried one or two audio guided meditations, but yet to find one which works well (I like guided meditations and in other areas of life they work well for me). The irony is that I could write a competent response to someone who posted a similar question, about not having the bad stuff in the house to begin with (see living situation above combined with weak will), having low density snacks around, etc. I know most of the logic here, but it's a Jekyll and Hyde scenario from daytime to evening, and it needs to stop. I don't want to start popping supplements, as some can have a negative effect on my blood pressure. Thanks in advance for any pointers (particularly relating to the audio meditation sources if possible) - but I'll take any (new) advice.


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