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  1. Good Evening all, I have a bit of a drastic question and what better place to ask than here :) I have been thinking and thinking about how exactly calories work and just how many calories are needed for body functions. I have read that the average person needs 2500 calories a day so the body can function. So what really gets me thinking is for people who exercise and let's say they consume 2500 calories per day and then burn calories by exercising, just how does the body function without 2500 calories per day? The only thing I can think of is does the body just burn your fat that is stored in your body so it is safe for everyone unless you have zero fat because then if you burned more calories than your body needs to function the body cannot burn fat and thus I guess destroys your muscles? I just can't understand how your body is supposed to need 2500 calories to function and obviously when they are burned off and you don't get those 2500 calories a day to function then what is it all about? Sorry to be so drastic but I just overthink and study too much sometimes and it is seriously bugging me how the body functions when you are not having 2500 calories a day because of exercise etc etc etc. Thank You for reading I appreciate it so much.


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