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  1. Hi everyone! First post here. I currently weight 15 stone. I used to have a very athletic build but this now mainly a beer belly putting the weight on. I want to get to 16 stone as I play Second Row in a Rugby team but want to also increase my cardio fitness to go with this. Does anybody have any recommendations for the best type of training plan to help with this? I was thinking of focusing on muscle building with heavier weights and less reps, then short sharp cardio exercise designed for power like suicide / shuttle runs. Then a diet high in protein???
  2. Hi Any help would be much appreciated So a bit about me my name is Evan and I have been going to the gym for about 3 months. I am very interested in getting into Body Building. I have been doing a lot of research and I don't know that muscle my goal is to become lean with a body fat of about 9-12% and have nice muscle definition. I know I need to eat clean have the right amount of macros and micros but I don't know weather to cut and build muscle or bulk and loose body fat and then gain muscle. Any tips and help would be appreciated. I am about 67kg and 6ft 1 and about 13-14% body fat. Thanks in advance Evan
  3. i'm still on the journey of trying to lose a bit more weight. I was 12 stone lost about 3 stone, which i'm currently 9.6 stone. I'm trying to get to the lightest weight around 8 stone and thinking to build more muscle. I would like more definition on the abs, glutes (butt) and a little on the arms. I do not like the bulky bodybuilding look but i only like the model toned look. I'm a female and 5'5. But i'm trying to figure out how do i stay slim while building muscles, what workouts do i need to achieve, and what more foods do i need to eat? I have an image that i have attached of the body i would like to achieve. I need some advice. Thanks
  4. Help me gain!

    Hello all! Like alot of people until I got an office job aged 19 I never considered my fitness, being lean came naturally to me. Fast forward 4 years to Christmas 15, I was taking heavy jokes from a friend because after 4 years of sedentary work, I had gained a bit of mass. At this point I was 5 foot 7 (that part hasn't changed) 11 stone 5ish, but all fat no muscle. Me and my fiancé decided to make two key changes to our lifestyle.. Join a gym, eat cleaner. My routine has been as follows. Monday: 60 mins Personal Training session. This is a joint session with my fiancé, and general circuit style training etc. Tuesday: 60 minute boxercise class. Wednesday: 30 minute ab class, 60 minutes Cardio (Rowing machine and bike). Thursday: Rest. Friday: 60 minute circuit class. Saturday: Body Pump (weights class) Sunday: Rest day. Food: I have tried to eat 100-150g of protein a day, and average between 1200 and 1500 calories a day. No carbs after 18:00. I don't have a scale at my house so when I returned to my mums after 4 weeks I had dropped from 11'5 to 10'6. Skip another 4 weeks and I am 9'10. I don't want to weigh less than 10 stone, I always looked toward getting a physique closer to a boxer than a body builder, but this feels too small. These are my queries: I still feel like there is fat to burn, should I focus on getting rid of that before I look to start building muscle? I guess I need to start doing resistance but it's not something I have ever looked at... Where to start? I have know idea how much I should be aiming to lift, reps, sets etc. I guess if I want to gain muscle I need to eat more? But I still have fat I want to get rid of! How will I find the balance? I don't feel like I am skinny and weak, I feel I have gained a lot of muscle since joining the gym.. This has got me down a bit because now I feel like all I have really achieved is starving myself. When actually I have loved eating paleo, I feel better all round and it's not like I ever feel hungry or starved! If anyone has any advice in general then please get in touch!


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