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  1. Hi all, im new to the gym world, i have always played contact sports so having that extra weight has always been an advantage. Anyway im 31 coming on 32 and the extra weight has turned into a lot of weight. Im currently around 100kg (im 5ft10 if this helps) but id say its mostly fat, and it all sits on my stomach and chin. My needed advice is what is the best way to shift the weight, i have just bought myself a gym standard exercise bike for home and i have signed up to the local gym. Is cardio the way forward or do i need to include weight training also to shift the excess fat quicker. The personal trainers at the gym are great, the down side is they only work hours that i cant commit to due to work. All answers are much appreciated and i thank you in advance for your time and advice.
  2. Hi everyone! First post here. I currently weight 15 stone. I used to have a very athletic build but this now mainly a beer belly putting the weight on. I want to get to 16 stone as I play Second Row in a Rugby team but want to also increase my cardio fitness to go with this. Does anybody have any recommendations for the best type of training plan to help with this? I was thinking of focusing on muscle building with heavier weights and less reps, then short sharp cardio exercise designed for power like suicide / shuttle runs. Then a diet high in protein???
  3. Hi, I'm new to the forum and well new to exercising , done gym in the past but now i dont have the time. I have recently got a vertical climber, (waiting for delivery) and i am looking for advice on what the best routine / workout would be for loosing weight. I'm not a proper lard arse, just have some dad weight i need to shift. I know diet and beer need to be addressed and that is on the list but where can i find good workout guides. Warmup Workout Cooldown something i can do every evening when i get back from work and the kids are in bed. Thanks for any advise or pointers
  4. Hello everyone. I'm 32 and due to severe mental health and anxiety issues I've spent the majority of my life indoors. This has contributed to me becoming extremely out of shape and unfit and I'm at the point where I just let it continue or I make a change today and get to work. I need help. The only real journey I make daily is to the shop for a paper etc, but it's a struggle and by the time I get home my back hurts and I am pouring with sweat. Google Earth puts this journey at just 260 metres there and back with the 4 flights of stairs in my building (which really do my legs in). I'm 6ft 2" and currently weigh 24 stones exactly. I have no friends or social circle I can rely on so I'm hoping for help here from you guys. My initial goal is to get to a point where I can actually make a journey of this length and further without tiring out and sweating profusely. It's completely confidence shattering and humiliating not being bale to go anywhere and because of this I restrict my journeys to the early hours of the morning as soon as the shops open so I go relatively unnoticed. :( I have an exercise cycle in the house and some weights as well (5 & 7kg). I just need some solid advice for what sort of schedule I should undertake with these based on my height/weight and how I can get my stamina sorted as quickly as is possible while shifting some weight. I know it's late int he year, but building the stamina to make these journeys without dying by New Year would be a great goal if possible. I look forward to all advice. Thanks.
  5. Hello. Obviously I am new here and Im seeking wisdom and advice. I trawled through and couldnt quite find what im looking for so I created a new topic. The situation: Im 33, 182CM tall, and heavily built ( barrel chested, big thighs, big arms etc naturally) I currently weigh 111kg. Allthough I know BMI is a rough guidline its coming out at 33/34 wich is well into the obese area. I have huge man boobs( monstrous things) and a large belly. Injury wise I have a right shoulder injury ( rotator cuff, ligaments) from a dislocation and botched shoving it back in myself from 9 years ago. I also have a knee injury on the right side thats fine as long as there is no twisting while I lift. some other minor stuff but nothing of note. So firstly I cannot run or jog as my moobs ache and my knees dont seem to be able to support my gross wobbles ( im not wearing a bra) Im far to embarrased to go to the local gym just yet as its the rugby's own gym and they are all alpha specimins and im simply not ready for it yet.) All I have to work with is the following: A 5ft barebell bar( not olympic I think it weighs about 9kg), 2 dumbell bars ( same style), an easy/EZ curl bar ( weighs 1kg) A tricep bar ( weighs a1kg) to go with these bars I have a selection of plates. they range from 5kg to 1.25kg. with the total weight being 60kg. so the maximum I can lift is 70kg. theres no bench or other equipment but i can improvise and will in any way I can to achieve results. Now I just need to know what to do with what I have. I used to go to the gym years ago but please treat me as a total novice as thats very much how I feel. I want to burn these moobs and belly away whilst reconditioning my body from top to toe for strength and endurance. I appreciate ive stacked loads of info in here and its probably too much. I am not expecting someone to write me a full workout plan but really hoping someone can lay down some guidlines and tips for me using what I have listed above. I feel pretty low right now but I also found some inner strength to fight back against my years of being a lazy sod. thank you in advance to anyone and everyone who can offer anything positive. JIm aka moobman
  6. Hi I started back at the gym last week after a period of illness with anxiety. I've gained back around a stone and a half of the 2 stones I lost a couple of years ago and want to lose it again. In terms of diet I'm eating healthily and relatively clean. I'm also ensuring I'm at a 500 cal deficiency each day. I'm making sure I have a decent amount of protein as I'm aware its important to heal muscles. The plan is to workout 5 -6 days a week, have 1 relaxed eating day (sat) and one rest day (Sun) I'm doing an hour on the treadmill alternating between running and walking. I've also bought an 8kg kettlebell to do a workout every other day instead of cardio. Today I've realised I don't drink anywhere near enough water so I'm making a concious effort to drink more. Is there anything else anyone can recommend to ensure I lose weight healthily? Does this sound a good plan? To note, I also don't want to lose too much and would like to build my strength up. I have undiagnosed pain in my arm at the moment (can manage kettlebell though) so I can't lift really heavy weight but I do eventually want to do more strength training. Thanks :)


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