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  1. Hey guys, I'm new here and looking to get some advice on snack type things I could eat that would work around my job. To clarify I started working as a community care worker around 2 years ago which was when I started to pile on a lot of weight. I eat reasonably healthy breakfast and dinner but at work I'm always snacking on things like chocolate bars and can't see anything I can eat that will be easy and non-messy. For my job I drop in all day to visit people in their own homes and help with cleaning stuff etc, the company I work for has strict rules with pretty severe punishments if you are found eating/drinking at clients houses and I don't get breaks or to return to the office, I cycle (which hasn't really helped to make a difference!) and don't own a car so I can't sit down and eat anything and most of the people I see live on quite run down estates with no facilities to stop and have something to eat: with this job you literally have to stuff food in your mouth as your rushing to see the next person! So my question boils down to : I there something I can make or eat that isn't high in calories, will give me the energy I need and I can just eat on the go? I'm sick of Bananas and apples! Cheers guys. I'm new to dieting so not entirely sure where to start


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