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  1. Hi, my name is Mark I am 16 stone (224 pound) and 5 ft 7. For a while now, I have seen my body weight increasing slightly. I am now at a stage where I want to become and look more healthy and include health eating and becoming fitter. My goal is to lose weight quick (I know everybody wants that) but I am between jobs so I have the time and will be committed to make sure I achieve this. My goal is to be around 13.5/14 stone. I would rather an intense workout rather than a few minutes a day. I will be doing most of my workouts in the local park in the evening. Could someone please advise what exercises I should be doing please, and for how long etc. Also, I have 2 dumbbells at 5kg each, would these be useful in any exercises I do? I know that I have to cut down on carbs and calories, can someone please advise a rough carb and calorie reduction as a guide. I will appreciate any suggestions or advice. Thank you. Mark
  2. Work-outs: Am I doing it right?

    Hello, I am quite new to this so I would like some advice if possible! I am not trying to lose weight, I am just trying to become more physically healthy, strong and mainly toned. I have been doing the exercises seen below for 2 months. I have seen small changes in my physical appearance so far - my muscles in those specific areas are just slightly more prominent. What I am doing at the moment is as follows: 4-5 days a week: 30 minute exercise routine including 5-min warmup, then specific sets and reps of squats, lunges, calf raises, bridges and stomach crunches. (These are the areas I would most like to be less fatty and more muscular/strong). Every other day: 15 minute arm exercise routine (on top of other exercises if the days line up). I do a warmup and then bicep curls and triceps (the one with both hands behind your back). I am currently using 7.5KGs dumbells. (I want less fat under my arms and I want my triceps to be more defined, and I also want my arms to be strong). The amount of reps and sets I do are set to the almost maximum that I am physically able and I only do between 2-3 repetitions of each set for all exercises (I was very unfit before starting these exercises). Whenever the specific exercises become too easy, I increase the reps and sets slightly. With my arms, I also increase the weight by small amounts when it is no longer difficult to complete the exercise. I also swim for an hour each week and do quite a lot of walking (sometimes 80 minutes worth a week). I have quite an unhealthy diet, but I drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fruit. I am trying to work on my diet, but it is not as easy as just doing the exercises. I would like to know if what I am doing is worth it? Is the way I am increasing my exercises correct? Are my exercises pointless if I am still eating more fatty/sugary foods than I should be? Should I be doing less sets and more reps, or less reps and more sets? If you would like to know the specifics of my sets/reps if that helps, just let me know! I am also a 21 year-old female, I weigh around 12.5 stone on average and I am 5 foot 6.
  3. New to the gym

    Hi all, I'm new to the gym and was just looking for some general pointers - apologies if these questions have been asked a million times before, feel free to point me in the direction of the answers if they have! I'm really new to the fitness in general, haven't properly exercised since I was about 13 and I am 21 now so I have very little strength or stamina. I was just wondering what the most effective way to up my fitness and gain some strength etc is? where is the best place to find workout plans and stuff? I'd also like to know if anyone has any tips on overcoming gym anxiety? I'm fine with cardio but when it comes to weights/conditioning I always get to scared to do anything because I know I'll be doing it wrong so I'll look stupid. Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone, As a Nation, it has become a trend to head into our favourite coffee shop and grab a cup to take away, but is this impacting our health more than we realise? Here's a bit of information about caffeine and what it actually does to the body and mind, you might be surprised... The effects of too much caffeine: When we overindulge in any food or drink product, there is always going to be a consequence. Knowing how much you can have of something and the purpose it has to you, is something we need to understand and take into account. It is a stimulant and impacts our adenosine levels (your hormone which makes you tired.) The best time for caffeine: No one would natural think that there is a good time to drink coffee, but it’s time to think again! The best time is actually first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. This means it doesn’t interfere with your body’s absorption of vitamins and minerals that you will get from your first meal. How does caffeine affect stress? If you are stressed and tired, the first thing people tend to grab is a hot cup of coffee to try and get you back on track and focused. Little do people realise, that this will actually have the opposite effect and rather than help aid stress and tiredness, it will heighten these levels. Hormonal effects: Latest studies have found that drinking caffeine when you are stressed, increases cortisol, blood pressure and other negative hormonal effects. Keep it natural: It’s common knowledge that any natural product is better than a processed one and this should be the same thought when thinking of caffeine. Recent studies have shown that natural caffeine found in plants doesn’t have the same effects as an instant cup of coffee. So before you think to grab a cup, try an alternative like green tea. Hope you enjoyed the read and found out some more information! Steve from 110% Health & Fitness
  5. At Home fitness Program

    Hi all I'm a coach with Beach body on demand and would love to know if there is anyone that is looking to get into a new fitness program that achieves AMAZING results. if you interested send me a message on here and i would love to help anyone that would like to start a new health and fitness chapter.
  6. Hi dear fitness lovers, I am making this post because I see far too many people coming on the site and asking where do they start, how do they start and what they need to do to get fit. So I'm going to try and make a step by step guide of what you should do when you join this site and link some useful articles from the site. Hopefully this will help some people get started working out. (I used bench press in all of my examples because it's an exercise I think everyone knows) Also anyone have any ideas, corrections to add please say so and I will add them in. The best thing as in most in general is to keep things basic and simple. You're just starting there's no need to do complicated exercises or complicated diets. If you want to that's fine, you'll work a lot harder and most people just lose motivation and quit. So just take things slowly this is a lifestyle change not a quick fix. Step 1) Choose a routine If you are a beginner or you have taken a break from working out (more than a year pause) you should start with a beginner routine. Even if you had been working out for 2 years before that or however long, it doesn't matter start with a beginner routine because you're muscles aren't used to it... then move up to a different routine. For more information, is a great start for you. Step 2) Learn how to do the exercises in the routine correctly To do this it's pretty simple start with low weights. Leave your ego at the door, you're not trying to impress anybody. If you lift heavier weights than you should be you're only making a fool of yourself by looking like a wannabe. So start very light, get the form down to a tee and start moving up the weight week by week. Ideally you should be increasing the difficulty of the exercise every week. This can be done in several ways: Increasing weights Increasing repetitions (number of times you lift the weight) Slowing down your repetitions Exercises: is a great way for you to find exercises. You can also youtube them or google them. Just type in the name of the exercise you're looking for and technique or how to do (whatever exercise it is) Step 3) Basic techniques for all exercises Breathing Breathe out when you're exerting force, breathe in when you're not. Simple? Yes, but yet so many people forget to breathe when they're lifting. Timing A good timing for your repetitions is the 2-1-2. It means that in the exercise you are performing you should be lowering the weight for 2 secs, pausing and contracting whichever muscle you are working for 1 second and then lift it for 2 seconds. Sometimes you should be contracting the muscle at the bottom of your exercise sometimes it will be at the top, pretty much common sense will answer when you are capable of contracting. Like in the bench press at the bottom of the movement you can't contract (try it I can't explain why you can't) but at the top of the movement you can contract the chest. This is also known as the mind-muscle connection and you will eventually be able to contract whatever muscle you think of without contracting the others. Locking out In no exercise should you lock out your joints, for example if you are benchpressing you shouldn't completely extend your arms because this will put unnecessary strain on the joints and take away weight from your muscles taking pressure off of them. (build muscles slower, possible injury) Warm up You must do a 5 minute warmup before you start lifting. Lots of people don't but I think it's a really bad idea to start lifting weights cold. Also recommend doing a light warm up set of whatever exercise it is youre going to do. So lets say you bench 130 pounds normally, do one set of 60 pounds. (A set is just doing a certain number of repetitions) Stretching Stretching the muscles you are about to work out for about 5 minutes and in between exercises if they feel sore I think is necessary. Rest Between each exercise, and between the different sets of each exercise you should rest around a minute to a minute and a half. Step 4) Diet Again here we're going to be wanting to keep things simple. So if you're eating junk food all the time and nothing else eat less junk food. If you eat junk food every once in a while eat it even less. Pretty much establish were you're at in terms of eating healthy foods and eat healthier than you were before. Of course the healthier you eat compared to how you were eating before the better results you will get. One thing most people don't know is that a big percentage of the population has an intolerance for wheat. So try not eating any wheat prodcuts for two weeks or three (it's easier in USA since there's so many more non-wheat prodcuts there) and then take wheat one day. If you feel like crap or have an upset stomach it means you have an intolerance for it. Same thing happens when you get rid of junk food and then try it again. Pretty much your body hates being mistreated but it will adapt, so don't make it adapt and treat it right. Step 5) Set goals To do this get a journal, and write down how much you're lifting each session, how long you're session lasts and give it a grade. And next session try and beat your last personal record in any of the ways stated in step 2. Those would be your short term goals, and you can make other short term goals like in 3 weeks I want to have increased my bench press by 10 pounds. Long term goals are more complicated and will need more reading to learn how to set them, we that is an excellent article that pretty much explains everything you have to do. Another great article on learning how to set goals we have great information at Step 6) Supplements If you are starting to work out the only supplement you should really take is whey protein for your post work out shake. And on off days take one as soon as you wake up before breakfast. I won't post reasons because it would be too long and that's not the purpose of this post. For a begginer creatine isn't as necessary as whey protein, so save the creatine for when you need that extra help to take your body to a new level. Multivitamin is also a very good supplement to take especially if you have only one diet that you follow every day since the odds of you getting all the vitamins you need from the same food source are slim especially if you're not an expert. Step 7) Rest You should be sleeping ideally between 8 to 10 hours, although most people will recommend 7 to 8 as a good goal. Another point many beginners fail to realize is that going to the gym won't help you grow faster in fact it will do just the opposite. So stick to the beginner routine and do only what it says to do in the routine don't add anything to it. Here are some of the most common beginner mistakes And some common lifting myths for more detailed information. Step 8) READ!! I have posted very few links to articles on this site but just read all you can it's what will help you the most. So here are some links to other sites that are helpful that aren't so easy to find. A site that tells you the nutrition information about foods and lets you keep a diet journal Calculate your maximum heart rate to help you know at what intensity you are training while doing cardio. (this method uses your resting heart rate which you take as soon as you wake up I might get some hate for posting an article from that site, but just because the people on their forums are idiots doesn't mean that they aren't a good source of information with lots of useful articles too. So that's all I can think of for now any questions, suggestions, corrections feel free to add them and hope this was helpful to someone I had a good time writting it out. Alright I wanted to detail more step 4 Diet since diet is the most important aspect of transforming your body (bodybuilding :P): To some having a strict meal plan that you follow every day can be motivational and actually something they enjoy but most people won't like that lack of freedom in choosing what to eat. Which is why I'm adding this section to all those people that can't follow the same diet everyday or find it to be too much trouble and demotivational. (Since food affects mood). Alright for a begginer having a daily diet isn't vital for seeing substantial gains and you will still see great gains if you just eat healthy and regularly. However most people don't understand what eating healthy really means so I'm going to pretty much steal coregains thread explaining how to eat healthy and what foods are healthy and not and you can use common sense after that to discover which ones aren't. And I'll also add some useful links and anyone that wants to post more links feel free to do so, I will definetely add them on. Step 9 (if you want to call it that) Eating Healthy HEALTHY Small regular meals Eat regularly (5 meals a day). You want three big meals (your breakfast, lunch, dinner) and two smaller meals in between those. In spain we call them almuerzo and merienda. This type of meal structure is gaining more popularity because it's easier to do and you can lead a completely normal life while, something not so easy to do if you're eating 8 times a day. So each meal should have protein, carbs and fat. Try to make each meal have all of these three. Protein: Eggs, fish, poultry, red meats (lean is preferred since there is less fat), low fat milk, nuts (be careful though these have a high fat content don't eat too many), and proetin supplements Carbohydrates: Oatmeal, yams, sweet potatoes, potatoes (white or red), brown rice, 100% whole wheat and whole grain products (pretty much don't eat white bread if you can and the same goes for pasta and all these grains), green vegetables (brocolli, green beans, asparragus, lettuce, etc...) You can eat as many green vegetables as you want And fruit (don't overdo it though since fruit has more sugar and too much isn't good either) Fat: You get fat from meat, fish, nuts (peanut butter yuuum). Can't think of many more sources but you shouldn't worry too much there's enough fat in your other foods that you won't have a problem getting enough fat. UNHEALTHY Okay now that I've said what you SHOULD eat I think it's equally important to say what you SHOULDN'T eat: White sugar (this is satan pretty much hahah) Asides from being unhealthy it actually steals from the good foods your eating because it actually leeches minerals from your body. Ice cream, fried foods, doughnuts and pastries, candy, chocolate, soda, fruit drinks (these are usually loaded with sugar read the nutritional information before buying), bacon, sausage, white bread, chips, nachos, sugary breakfast cereal. All those yummy delicious foods are unhealthy and you should take them very rarely (like once a week) after a while you'll notice that in fact your stomach gets upset if you take them again after avoiding them long enough. I mean your body is smarter than you are it knows what food isn't good for you but if you force it down your throat every day your body will adapt and grow intolerant to it allowing you to eat it without feeling sick. So don't try and trick your body LISTEN to it So there we go I'll be editing every once in a while to try and make it not so long and cut out unnecesary information but for now I'll leave it like that :P Please dears, if you liked this. Check for daily updates. Feel free to ask if there is anything you need. Kind regards, Don/Fitlive.Info
  7. Kayla Itsines

    Hi lovely people, i was just wondering if anyone had a PDF copy of Kayla Itsines BBG 1.0 exercise training plan?! I have recently moved house and have somehow lost my hardback copy I ordered a while back. Please can someone save my life, I need BBG!! thanks in advance, I have attached a copy of the one I had just in case anyone has a pdf copy - id really appreciate it!
  8. Improving My Self

    Hi and Good Afternoon to all, first of all I want to say Thank You so much for letting me join this fantastic looking site. I am a 26 year old Male completely new to exercise and want to change my life for once and for all. I have been using a treadmill for a month now, I am doing 30 minutes every day of the week at a speed of 4KM per hour (I know this will sound ridiculous and nothing to you guys but I am a bit overweight, not massively but I am really trying and will keep going) There is just one thing that is worrying me and what I can't work out and that is that I don't seem to be getting fitter. Well some days I do feel fitter on the treadmill but then the next day it is like I have never worked out before?! I thought you was supposed to only get fitter and it should get easier after every workout haha, but it will not stop me from keep on using the treadmill every day. I wake up, have a bowl of cereal, 500 ML of water and a 250 ML energy drink then I start my treadmill, after 15 minutes I stop and drink a following 500 ML of water then I do the other 15 minutes (the stop to drink my water takes about 1 minute). After I have finished my treadmill I consume another 500ML of water, go and have a shower then consume another 500 ML of water. So guys and girls, I would please like to ask if you know why on some days it feels easier, then today for example it felt like I had never exercised, although it has been a month now. Basically it is the sweating I am talking about, some days I will sweat really heavily and others not as much, and some days it feels like really hard work, others it does not, this is just what is really confusing me as I thought I should be getting fitter with every session I complete? I will be honest I was a very heavy drinker of half a bottle of 40% brandy every day, roughly 12.5 units, I am now down to 3 cans of beer a day, 5.4 units and I will keep cutting down until I completely quit alcohol. I also smoke, which can be from 15-20 cigarettes a day. I know I will look stupid saying I drink and smoke and asking why am I not getting fitter but some days are easier than others and then my treadmill can feel really hard work like I haven't used it before, and I am lost. Diet is cereal & energy drink for breakfast, Lunch is anything in a sandwich, mostly ham (2 slices of white bread), 1 bag of crisps and another random snack, Dinner can be anything and I drink nothing but water except that one energy drink in the morning. I will keep going with cutting alcohol down and using my treadmill, if anyone has any ideas, suggestions, opinions, absoloutely anything you can think of as to why I don't seem to be getting fitter I promise you I will appreciate it so very much. All the best to everyone and Thank You so much for reading!
  9. personal trainer online?

    Hi! I am qualified personal trainer. I have qualified few months ago, so I am still learning about fitness industry. As I am working full time, I don't have time at the moment to train people face to face. But I have an idea to help people to reach their goals by working with them online. If you ware interested and would like some more information just send me an email : Thank you :)! Marta
  10. Good evening, really am here looking for heLp and guidance with new techniques of training . Just quickly I'm a young male Ho has a,ways ha: an active,sporting and working life (being in farming), however recently our health has dropped, briefly I have osteoporosis, respiratory problems, mainly confined to a wheelchair and have a lovely pregnancy belly due to steroids. Sorry to bore youse all with all of that . what our aim is is to improve all the. Muscle groups involved in breathing, our core, and start putting some. Muscle mass on. Howeverexercises are limited. And honestly have nowt idea where to start, or what exercises are good that will build mass but won't compromise the bones. Thank you all in advance, especially if youse read this far, a bit boring.
  11. Supplements!!!

    Hello, Dont really have a proper topic to discuss morely just helpful tip really. If you are looking to get in shape or just want help with your diet I recently started using a company called and they have been reliable and it’s going well so far. Also a helpful tip, if you order anything from there then at the check out use the discount code ‘cyd27’ to get 10% off. xx
  12. Hi there, we are a small group of students from General Assembly in London who are conducting a small survey into healthy eating and fitness tracking. if you have a couple of minutes to fill out our survey it would extremely helpful! There are no requirements to answer any questions you don't want to, any responses at all will be valuable to us. Any personal information will be internal only and the project is not available to the public it is purely internal. Thanks for your time. Here is the survey -
  13. Healthy Recipes That Are Easy to Make

    Good morning to all you likeminded people out there! I am new to this forum and signed up because I wanted to surround myself with people who are taking steps in the same direction. So far I am really excited about what I am seeing:) I just wanted to add that I play football and my girlfriend is a blogger. She loves making smoothies and other recipes that promote health, so whenever I find it hard to be consistent with eating healthy, she helps me along. This is her blog, and it would mean the world if you guys could show some support!
  14. I need your help

    Hi Guys, If you have just 1 minute spare, i would really appreciate you taking part in my survey. I am creating new fitness package and gaging a bit more information in where people struggle and what they need to help. Thanks, Steve.
  15. Hi there, first post in this forum. I am back trying to get some kind of fitness. At the age of 56, I am thinking that there is still some fitness left in me... My goals are to lose the spare tyre that i have got around my waist, get fit and trying to tone my body. I have unfortunately an incision hernia (after donating a kidney), so i am limited on what i can do. I have decided to stick to a program that don't make me spend too much time at the gym. It consists of running on the treadmill (or using the rowing machine), run for 300m as fast as I can (after warm up of course) or row 500m and then do a 40 rep exercise (weight, kettlebell, machine etc). I have started with 5 sets of each, increased to 6 this week, and will add an extra set until i reach 10 sets. As i get fitter, i will increase slightly the distance on the run/rowing. Has anyone with some fitness experience could tell me if this a good programme, or would they change anything. Thank you JC
  16. Hi my name is chris "I never saw my weight gain over the years as a big problem, until everything fell apart at once when my girlfriend left me. Years of bad habits all came together at once and I was a mess. After that, I tried all sorts of extreme diets that didn't work at all. That's when a friend recommended The 2 Week Diet to me and it's honestly changed my life. Even after reading it the first time, I was amazed to see how many things I believed about health and nutrition were just dead wrong. After a measly 2 weeks of following the diet plan, I lost a total of 96 ounces and discovered that all my pants were practically falling off without sinching up my belt. It's amazing, I look great and haven't had this much energy in years. People have been telling me how good I look, and even my ex gave me a huge compliment last week. Ha, not that I'd take her back. Thanks.”
  17. Blog Post Ideas?!!

    I run the blog section on my website, and I am looking for new ideas to write blog posts about? What kind of posts would you find valuable and would read? I have extensive knowledge in fitness and can answer most questions in the are within reason! Or would blog posts outside of the fitness world be interesting too? What are peoples thoughts?
  18. Relatable and funny fitness blog

    Hi guys, I am writing a fitness blog filled with all things people think/want to know regarding fitness in a funny but informative way. I would appreciate it if you guys could check out my blog and let me know what you think! Thanks!! :-)
  19. Just wanted to start a discussion and see what everyone thinks is the key to creating a healthy diet that becomes a habit in the long run. I keep preaching my my blogs and to clients that you need to create a diet that is not only healthy but is one that you enjoy in the long run. So just wanting to know other peoples thoughts on what the key to creating this diet really is.
  20. Hello, im looking for either exercise class or instructor recommendations in London. I work in central and live in south London so anywhere in central/city is fine for the week. There are so many available im not sure which ones are good and worth the money as they are not cheap anymore either. Or any instructor recommendations as i always feel a bit intimidated so knowing there is a good instructor helps! Thanks so much, Romy :)
  21. Type of the training to reccommend

    Hi! I am going to start exercising from the beginning of Octotober. What type of training can you reccomend me? FBW, Cardio or the split training?
  22. Advice for a newbie in training

    Hello everyone, The past two months I have been doing some training with a place called powerwave. Each session I use a weighted bag and do an intense work out, some days my trainer focuses on cardio and really making me move, other days I do slower, controlled training that focuses on muscle gain. I've been going nearly every day. It's been going really well as I have gotten a lot fitter, I can do so much more with myself now than 2 months ago. I've also been eating a lot healthier, each week I improve my diet and eat less junk food, turning towards healthier food, like eating more high fibre/protein stuff. The problem I am having is that during this time my weight and body keep changing drastically. Since I started I have gained over half a stone. Last week I really slimmed down around my waist, my tummy was a lot flatter and my waist had gotten smaller. This week my waist has ballooned out a lot and my tummy is quite big. Parts of me however, have improved a lot. My arms are a lot more toned and smaller, my thighs and bottom have gotten smaller and firmer. I just don't understand what's going on with my waist and weight seeing as I've been getting better with my diet each week and I'm not starving myself. Any advice would be really appreciated and thanks to anyone who helps me out.
  23. Quick fitness survey

    A quick survey to gather some research relating to fitness and online shopping!
  24. Hello everyone, I need your help! For my internship, we are currently conducting research about our potential customers. The first part of the survey is about your health challenges and what you've done to deal with them, while in the second part we'll tell you about our ideas. Please, help make our product more suitable and easier for you to use — take our survey now (just 5 min)! Thanks a lot!


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