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  1. Hi there, I started working out at home 2 or 3 years ago but I gave it up 3 weeks later and I think I put the most pressure on the legs. It's been a week since I started working out again. I wanted to focus on my butt this time(along with other parts of my body as well of course), but after a couple of exercises I've noticed that my right butt-cheek is much stronger than my left one, I've done some digging and I might have the problem of a dominant leg, the pressure is always on that leg and I feel my right glute working even when I'm only walking. In the meantime, my left glute seems to be numb, it just feels extremely flat, like a lazy gelatine(lol, but literally). I even noticed some definition on the right butt-cheek but none on the left one(especially glute minimus). So I started doing some additional exercises on it. For example, while doing single leg bridges, the minute it starts really pulling my glute more, the pressure moves to my hamstrings and overall, with any exercise, my legs take on any pressure that it originally initiated to target the glutes. Is there any way I could improve on that? Any advice would be appreciated, as I don't want to end up with an imbalanced butt. Thanks xx


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