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  1. Can Diets Make You Fat?

    I am currently writing a health and lifestyle blog has part of a University project. My first post is on The impacts of crash dieting on your health. Any comments would be appreciated and feel free to follow my page for future updates on health and sustainable ways to live and lose weight. Thanks x
  2. Hello! Does anyone have a good recommendations for a healthy eating app - one that tells you what's in your food / products and recommends a healthier option?
  3. Hey everyone, So I am a new personal trainer and I am curious as to how to tackle the area of dieting for my clients. This is very different for everyone and I have the knowledge of what a good diet should consist of but obviously that is no good if clients don't adhere to them long term. I am aware that there are a plethora of different 'diets' out there, of which the majority just can't be maintained for the long haul despite their claims. I'd love to know what approaches people have taken to habitual eating, that have worked for YOU (long term)? For example does a strict diet of calorie counting and scrutinising macros/micros work for you. Are you a more flexible dieter with periods of 'clean eating' followed by allowing yourself 'cheat days', or do you not even bother with calorie counting and latest trends but just try to get a wide variety of food in your diet? These are just examples but what works for you and why..? Thanking you in advance
  4. Hi! I am a student at a college in Michigan, USA. I recently wrote this article for my class about healthy, vegan Thanksgiving foods! Let me know what you think!
  5. Just wanted to start a discussion and see what everyone thinks is the key to creating a healthy diet that becomes a habit in the long run. I keep preaching my my blogs and to clients that you need to create a diet that is not only healthy but is one that you enjoy in the long run. So just wanting to know other peoples thoughts on what the key to creating this diet really is.
  6. Why aren't I losing weight?

    I know it's only been two weeks, but I have been eating really well and going to the gym/classes 3/4 times a week but I feel fatter and more bloated than ever. When can I expect to see results? I want to lose a stone and a half of fat and tone up and build muscle.


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