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  1. So ive been "on a diet" for literally my entire life, but following a recent diagnosis with PCOS i figured this may have been the key to why i never lost weight... I was also told i was anaemic so i was looking for ways to up my iorn intake so that i wouldnt need supplements. So far ive lost about a stone and a half by cutting down on carbs and taking up an hour of cardio but my weight loss halted completely about a month ago and while ive kept up the exersice ive gone back into some bad habits. Surprisingly i havent gained any weight back. [The thought process was that id probably cut my calories too low and was just feeding until it showed an increase to let me know my metabolism had kickstarted again...] I could really do with some tips for how to progress in a steady but effective manner. My work is very demanding timewise, once im home for the day i only have 2/3 hours left before its time to sleep again so i really dont have time for preparing meals so ive been relying heavily on things i can make at quantity on a sunday and freeze and soup or just buying something on the fly [which isnt always the best but sometimes you get bored of eating the same four meals] Im lookiing for meal recopies that dont require 5 million vegetables that are all hard to find and cost a bomb and two hours to cook and that can be made in advance, even if just making it for dinner and having an extra portion for lunch the next day. Also if there are other things i can add to my exercise routine, I have my hour of aqua aerobics, and an exercise bike that i will be doing an hour or two of a week and im thinking of adding a dumbbell set or two in while making some of these recopies [ie while paps cooking on the timer] I have to keep it light but effective, im heavy set so anything vigorous is going to knacker me out too fast for me to be able to keep it going for anything more than a few minutes, once im not carrying around an extra adult human being of weight i can obviously do more but right now its just about getting the weight off healthily and building some strength...


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