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  1. Hi, What fitness-related gadgets are you using to track your progress and achieve goals? What do you think about fitness trackers? What features do you like most, what you want to add or reduce? I'm working on fitness tracker with bioimpedance analysis which could measure your fat/muscle percentage and hydration level. With the help of this data, you can set real and achievable goals and track your progress more precisely. As a result, you'll be able to reach your goals faster and reduce negative changes in your body. What do you think? Will it be useful?
  2. Hi Everyone. I'm Angus, medical doctor and med tech director of a technology company. Looking for some honest feedback for a new gym innovation we are developing. We've developed a system which is used extensively in elite sport - particularly Rugby, formula one, soccer, and NFL. It's basically a way of putting numbers on your muscles - how much force you can generate, accurate to the gram/newton. We profile elite athletes, and know what their muscular-skeletal profile should look like. We are looking to adapt this technology for gyms to use for their clients. Essentially giving the elite athlete treatment to the masses. The assessment only takes about 15-20min, it's lightweight and portable. It measures isometric muscle contractions and fatiguablity of muscles. This data is wireless transmitted to a mobile device. You can therefore see how strong you are, physical, objective numbers - a biometric benchmark. It will test all major muscle groups, biceps/triceps/shoulder/pec/abdo/lats/quadriceps/hamstrings/calves. It will also work our your ratios of agonist/antagonist muscles e.g. biceps/triceps - V important to have balanced/optimised ratios - unbalanced ratios can put extra strain on joints/reduced function etc... Once profile is complete, based on your fitness ambitions e.g. looking for hypertrophy/get ripped or aspiring rugby player, an algorithm will recommend a training program, which is based on your fitness ambitions, your current profile and corrected for age/height/gender. You can compare yourself to your friends or benchmark yourself against the very best. You have approx 3 months to execute the programme, and you return for a return assessment, where you can actually see what gains you have made e.g. can you generate more force on your biceps/ are your quads more fatigue resistant etc.... First of all, does this concept sound attractive and useful? Is this something that you would be interested in participating? If yes, how much would you be willing to pay for it? What features would you want the app to have? Appreciate everyone's time Angus
  3. Quick Survey, Thank you!

    Hello! Please may you fill in this questionnaire, as part of my university coursework, I promise to only take 3 mins of your time Thank you!
  4. Hello everyone, I'm a french student in Engineering of Human Motion and Sport's Product Design. As part of my course, I would like to know the needs of fitness lovers about monitoring devices and indicators. The purpose of this survey (link below) is to define a wearable product and fitness indicators that match with your aspirations. In the present case, fitness includes all the physical activities like : Bodyweight Exercises, Cardio-training, TRX, Crossfit... Thank you for your help. Paul


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