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  1. Hi everyone, As a Nation, it has become a trend to head into our favourite coffee shop and grab a cup to take away, but is this impacting our health more than we realise? Here's a bit of information about caffeine and what it actually does to the body and mind, you might be surprised... The effects of too much caffeine: When we overindulge in any food or drink product, there is always going to be a consequence. Knowing how much you can have of something and the purpose it has to you, is something we need to understand and take into account. It is a stimulant and impacts our adenosine levels (your hormone which makes you tired.) The best time for caffeine: No one would natural think that there is a good time to drink coffee, but it’s time to think again! The best time is actually first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. This means it doesn’t interfere with your body’s absorption of vitamins and minerals that you will get from your first meal. How does caffeine affect stress? If you are stressed and tired, the first thing people tend to grab is a hot cup of coffee to try and get you back on track and focused. Little do people realise, that this will actually have the opposite effect and rather than help aid stress and tiredness, it will heighten these levels. Hormonal effects: Latest studies have found that drinking caffeine when you are stressed, increases cortisol, blood pressure and other negative hormonal effects. Keep it natural: It’s common knowledge that any natural product is better than a processed one and this should be the same thought when thinking of caffeine. Recent studies have shown that natural caffeine found in plants doesn’t have the same effects as an instant cup of coffee. So before you think to grab a cup, try an alternative like green tea. Hope you enjoyed the read and found out some more information! Steve from 110% Health & Fitness
  2. Hi! I have lots of exams in the near future, but I feel sleepyheaded though I often sleep for 6-8 hours and I choose healthy products in my diet. Could you recommend me any supplements?
  3. Can Diets Make You Fat?

    I am currently writing a health and lifestyle blog has part of a University project. My first post is on The impacts of crash dieting on your health. Any comments would be appreciated and feel free to follow my page for future updates on health and sustainable ways to live and lose weight. Thanks x
  4. Healthy Recipes That Are Easy to Make

    Good morning to all you likeminded people out there! I am new to this forum and signed up because I wanted to surround myself with people who are taking steps in the same direction. So far I am really excited about what I am seeing:) I just wanted to add that I play football and my girlfriend is a blogger. She loves making smoothies and other recipes that promote health, so whenever I find it hard to be consistent with eating healthy, she helps me along. This is her blog, and it would mean the world if you guys could show some support!
  5. Hi, I'm currently undertaking research for my A level coursework and it is really important for me to gather information from my questionnaire. If you could please answer it its really quick and easy thank you!!!!!
  6. Hello everyone My name is José and I have recently published a book on Amazon giving many tips and ideas on how to loose weight by eating healthier, and creating a healthy lifestyle like that. If you have any questions please let me know. Thank you Jose


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