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  1. Blog Post Ideas?!!

    I run the blog section on my website, and I am looking for new ideas to write blog posts about? What kind of posts would you find valuable and would read? I have extensive knowledge in fitness and can answer most questions in the are within reason! Or would blog posts outside of the fitness world be interesting too? What are peoples thoughts?
  2. Just wanted to start a discussion and see what everyone thinks is the key to creating a healthy diet that becomes a habit in the long run. I keep preaching my my blogs and to clients that you need to create a diet that is not only healthy but is one that you enjoy in the long run. So just wanting to know other peoples thoughts on what the key to creating this diet really is.
  3. Hi! I am new to this forum. Thought I would say hello and ask a couple of questions as I am a newbie to exercise and fitness and need some guidance. I am very happy with my weight (I am 53kg and 1'63cm female 24 years old with a narrow-isa frame) but I am what some call a skinny fat. I lack muscle tone, and my butt, thighs, and love handles are quite fatty despite me looking quite petite. I really want to change that. I want to actually be physically fit without getting tired all the time, and I want to get a lean toned body with less fat, kind of more of a ballerina body I suppose. Any tips on how I should get started?
  5. i'm still on the journey of trying to lose a bit more weight. I was 12 stone lost about 3 stone, which i'm currently 9.6 stone. I'm trying to get to the lightest weight around 8 stone and thinking to build more muscle. I would like more definition on the abs, glutes (butt) and a little on the arms. I do not like the bulky bodybuilding look but i only like the model toned look. I'm a female and 5'5. But i'm trying to figure out how do i stay slim while building muscles, what workouts do i need to achieve, and what more foods do i need to eat? I have an image that i have attached of the body i would like to achieve. I need some advice. Thanks
  6. Hello. Obviously I am new here and Im seeking wisdom and advice. I trawled through and couldnt quite find what im looking for so I created a new topic. The situation: Im 33, 182CM tall, and heavily built ( barrel chested, big thighs, big arms etc naturally) I currently weigh 111kg. Allthough I know BMI is a rough guidline its coming out at 33/34 wich is well into the obese area. I have huge man boobs( monstrous things) and a large belly. Injury wise I have a right shoulder injury ( rotator cuff, ligaments) from a dislocation and botched shoving it back in myself from 9 years ago. I also have a knee injury on the right side thats fine as long as there is no twisting while I lift. some other minor stuff but nothing of note. So firstly I cannot run or jog as my moobs ache and my knees dont seem to be able to support my gross wobbles ( im not wearing a bra) Im far to embarrased to go to the local gym just yet as its the rugby's own gym and they are all alpha specimins and im simply not ready for it yet.) All I have to work with is the following: A 5ft barebell bar( not olympic I think it weighs about 9kg), 2 dumbell bars ( same style), an easy/EZ curl bar ( weighs 1kg) A tricep bar ( weighs a1kg) to go with these bars I have a selection of plates. they range from 5kg to 1.25kg. with the total weight being 60kg. so the maximum I can lift is 70kg. theres no bench or other equipment but i can improvise and will in any way I can to achieve results. Now I just need to know what to do with what I have. I used to go to the gym years ago but please treat me as a total novice as thats very much how I feel. I want to burn these moobs and belly away whilst reconditioning my body from top to toe for strength and endurance. I appreciate ive stacked loads of info in here and its probably too much. I am not expecting someone to write me a full workout plan but really hoping someone can lay down some guidlines and tips for me using what I have listed above. I feel pretty low right now but I also found some inner strength to fight back against my years of being a lazy sod. thank you in advance to anyone and everyone who can offer anything positive. JIm aka moobman


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