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  1. Breakfast

    Ive been tracking my meals for a week now and have found that i am not hitting my protein macros enough and normally find that it is because I don't consume enough protein in my breakfast meal. Any ideas on what i can eat to change this and what you may eat at breakfast that i could try.
  2. Hello! I'm relatively new to the fitness world, and have been working out regularly for maybe four months or so. I'm thinking it would be good to add protein powder to my diet, at least some days, to get my protein and calories up to my RDI (I've lost a little too much weight and would like to build some muscle). Only thing is, with my schedule it means that I get home from work and pretty much workout straight away (usually about 18:15/18:30, so after this it's dinner time (which I usually try to have within half an hour). This means that a protein shake wouldn't really fit in for me as a post-workout (and my dinner will provide me with a good source of protein anyway!), but I'm trying to figure out when would be the best to have the powder. Looking at my day today my breakfast only had about 12g of protein, lunch was about 21, (dinner 39 - possibly too much?!) and I've had about 5g from snacks (the recommended amount I've figured out for myself is roughly 100g, maybe a few less). Does anyone have any thoughts? I'm thinking maybe perhaps using it pre-workout and having it on my way home from work? Or with breakfast? There are also so many different types of powder I'm a bit overwhelmed by it all... I know some are slow releasing whereas some get absorbed very quickly (I'm guessing I wouldn't want fast absorbing unless it was post-workout?). As you can tell I'm very new to this so would really appreciate any advice/thoughts anyone has to offer.
  3. Protein shakes?

    Hey, I have started exercising at home with some free weights and was wondering if protein shakes would help me to tone up a bit. I exercise 6 days a week with 2 days on biceps/back, 2 on triceps/chest and 2 on legs/shoulders. I do pretty much all of my exercise with 2 dumbbells (currently at 10kg a piece) and overall my workout lasts about an hour a day. This also includes my daily warm-up/cool-down and I do some sit-ups, press-ups, plank etc. to increase my core strength. I am a novice and pretty low key in my ambitions, I don't want to end up being a bodybuilder or anything but would like to increase my weight from about 64kg at the moment to about 70kg in the foreseeable future. I was wondering if protein shakes would be appropriate to help me gain this weight or whether it would be overkill for my situation? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, James
  4. So for years I've been going through all different brands of protein powder and although they were all good in their own ways, I think I have found the perfect one. Optimum Nutrition's Gold Standard Whey is a godsend. I have been using MyProtein recently and it did taste good and it was cheap but I just couldn't see any results. I started using Optimum Nutrition about two weeks ago and it makes me feel a lot better than MyProtein did and I think my recovery time has improved too. I always over-looked this brand because it was a bit more expensive but I completely understand why now. It is much better quality and I find it much easier to digest. Brands like MaxiMuscle and The Protein Works did get the job done but they either tasted pape or they just didn't digest well. But this Optimum Nutrition Whey is the perfect combination for me and I regret not trying it earlier just because I'm tight with money. I hope this helps someone! This is the one I'm on about:


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