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  1. Some research into training

    Hi, I'm doing some research on training and habits. I'd really appreciate it if anyone could do a short questionnaire for me: It won't ask for your name, email, or anything personally identifiable. You don't need to register and it won't email you. It's just a few questions I'd really appreciate any responses. Thanks, Simon
  2. Quick fitness survey

    A quick survey to gather some research relating to fitness and online shopping!
  3. Dear all, I am a Chartered Psychologist based in the College of Medicine at the University of Leicester, UK. At present, I am currently conducting a piece of research examining the motives underpinning exercise participation among men. I am in need of participants to take part in this research. The research is online and takes approximately 15/20 minutes to complete. To meet the entry requirements, participants have to be male and ages 18 years or over. Ethical approval has been granted by the university. All instructions are provided prior to completing the survey. Here is the link to the research: Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. Thank you in advance. Best wishes, Dr Michael Lewis, CPsychol


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