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  1. Hi everyone, Just posting on here for the first time, would appreciate any direction anybody could point in, if my thread would better be posted somewhere else or if there other other threads already answering my questions. Basically I’m just looking for advice on the best work out and diet likely to get me the results I’ll achieve, Ive gone to the gym just generally for a year or so and seen results just doing my thing but I know I could be doing better. Anyway, I saw the photos I’ve attached to this of a person I know he uploaded. They stated they achieved this in 12 weeks, “from under eating and over training, to training less and eating more”. Basically his before photos look similar to where I’m at now, and the after photos — well, where I want to head towards. I’m a 23year old male, roughly 174cm, currently weigh 78kg. Currently I’ve been doing (with some slack the last couple months if I’m honest); cable-Rows, squats, overheads, bench presses, dips, and chin ups all on roation, generally spend 1.5 - 2 hours at the gym, 3-5 of the above exercises, five sets of five with two minute breaks, adding 2.5kg to weights after every three sessions (I would go to the gym every second day, followed by two days off after the third session— also I don’t deadlift due to issues with my back). Ideally I suppose I’m looking for broad/defined shoulders and back, more defined stomach/abs & pecs, as well work on my arms and legs.. yknow generally just like an all over an athletic physique (like a tennis player or swimmer? Lol) not necessarily a bodybuilders one. I haven’t really paid much attention to diet, which I’m hearing is more and more key to this thing — id generally just have a protein shake after a work work. Anybody been in a similar position and/or able to advice me on a routine and diet that would help me get these results? Or just a point in the right direction? It’s all appreciated, cheers everyone
  2. 3 months to workout but how?

    Hi guys and girls , I am 18 and I will have finished my A levels at college by the start of June and thus will have three months off with nothing to do untill i Start my Apprenticeship. I have noticed , although I am still relatively slim and maybe at first glance look healthy (probably still a healthy BMI) , I have put on a lot of fat around my hips waist and have lost any tone i used to have so yeh just have become quite blobby at the moment. i currently weight 14 stone (89kg) and I am 6ft 4 (195cm) but have no muscle at all.SO my goal is to loose fat especially around hips and become more toned and build muscle on arms and chest realistically just a small amount of visible muscle and to increase my overall fitness to feel better. As i Have a whole 3 months off I thought this is the best time to hit it hard and really go for it and then after the three months I can then just maintain this with a careful schedule. So what Im here to ask as complete noob is what would you guys recommend to do in the three months considering im free the whole time , as a programme sorta thing .Also it will be summer so dont really want to get a gym membership would prefer to be outside but I am willing to buy any equipment that is vital obviously. BTW guys and girls be as brutal as you like I want to do as well as i can for myself and try as hard as I can as want to stop this unhealthy lifestyle now. Any questions please ask , cheers guys and girls


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