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  1. Can Diets Make You Fat?

    I am currently writing a health and lifestyle blog has part of a University project. My first post is on The impacts of crash dieting on your health. Any comments would be appreciated and feel free to follow my page for future updates on health and sustainable ways to live and lose weight. Thanks x
  2. Help me gain!

    Hello all! Like alot of people until I got an office job aged 19 I never considered my fitness, being lean came naturally to me. Fast forward 4 years to Christmas 15, I was taking heavy jokes from a friend because after 4 years of sedentary work, I had gained a bit of mass. At this point I was 5 foot 7 (that part hasn't changed) 11 stone 5ish, but all fat no muscle. Me and my fiancé decided to make two key changes to our lifestyle.. Join a gym, eat cleaner. My routine has been as follows. Monday: 60 mins Personal Training session. This is a joint session with my fiancé, and general circuit style training etc. Tuesday: 60 minute boxercise class. Wednesday: 30 minute ab class, 60 minutes Cardio (Rowing machine and bike). Thursday: Rest. Friday: 60 minute circuit class. Saturday: Body Pump (weights class) Sunday: Rest day. Food: I have tried to eat 100-150g of protein a day, and average between 1200 and 1500 calories a day. No carbs after 18:00. I don't have a scale at my house so when I returned to my mums after 4 weeks I had dropped from 11'5 to 10'6. Skip another 4 weeks and I am 9'10. I don't want to weigh less than 10 stone, I always looked toward getting a physique closer to a boxer than a body builder, but this feels too small. These are my queries: I still feel like there is fat to burn, should I focus on getting rid of that before I look to start building muscle? I guess I need to start doing resistance but it's not something I have ever looked at... Where to start? I have know idea how much I should be aiming to lift, reps, sets etc. I guess if I want to gain muscle I need to eat more? But I still have fat I want to get rid of! How will I find the balance? I don't feel like I am skinny and weak, I feel I have gained a lot of muscle since joining the gym.. This has got me down a bit because now I feel like all I have really achieved is starving myself. When actually I have loved eating paleo, I feel better all round and it's not like I ever feel hungry or starved! If anyone has any advice in general then please get in touch!


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