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  1. 3 months to workout but how?

    Hi guys and girls , I am 18 and I will have finished my A levels at college by the start of June and thus will have three months off with nothing to do untill i Start my Apprenticeship. I have noticed , although I am still relatively slim and maybe at first glance look healthy (probably still a healthy BMI) , I have put on a lot of fat around my hips waist and have lost any tone i used to have so yeh just have become quite blobby at the moment. i currently weight 14 stone (89kg) and I am 6ft 4 (195cm) but have no muscle at all.SO my goal is to loose fat especially around hips and become more toned and build muscle on arms and chest realistically just a small amount of visible muscle and to increase my overall fitness to feel better. As i Have a whole 3 months off I thought this is the best time to hit it hard and really go for it and then after the three months I can then just maintain this with a careful schedule. So what Im here to ask as complete noob is what would you guys recommend to do in the three months considering im free the whole time , as a programme sorta thing .Also it will be summer so dont really want to get a gym membership would prefer to be outside but I am willing to buy any equipment that is vital obviously. BTW guys and girls be as brutal as you like I want to do as well as i can for myself and try as hard as I can as want to stop this unhealthy lifestyle now. Any questions please ask , cheers guys and girls
  2. i'm still on the journey of trying to lose a bit more weight. I was 12 stone lost about 3 stone, which i'm currently 9.6 stone. I'm trying to get to the lightest weight around 8 stone and thinking to build more muscle. I would like more definition on the abs, glutes (butt) and a little on the arms. I do not like the bulky bodybuilding look but i only like the model toned look. I'm a female and 5'5. But i'm trying to figure out how do i stay slim while building muscles, what workouts do i need to achieve, and what more foods do i need to eat? I have an image that i have attached of the body i would like to achieve. I need some advice. Thanks


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