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  1. Hi all! I am brand new here! Please don't judge me on what you read below, i am here asking for help as i finally want to change my life! Something has finally awoken in me, that i want to quit cigarettes and cannabis (please don't judge, i was taken it instead of anti depressants). I realised how much money i am wasting! So my goal is to go cold turkey but I would really love to know the right foods that will help me get through the first month! The money i save in that month i will be booking in with a qualified nutritionist!! I was hoping for suggestions for any foods, supplements etc for the following: (I am allergic to orange) Best to detox plus anything that is particularly excellent for detoxing drugs and nicotine Foods to completely avoid!!! (I did read that fatty foods are a no go!) best to calm (natural sedatives) feel good foods snack ideas to help with cravings should i increase my daily water intake? how much exercise should i do a day? Is there any else i can do to help? (Steam room? Sauna? placing garlic around my neck? sacrificing a chicken? I have smoked cigarettes for 15 years and cannabis for 11 years, i don't smoke many cigarettes as i use them to roll with but i am now smoking minimum of £30 of cannabis a day and with my calculations...... i would be saving a hell of a lot!! So some will be going to a nutritionists after 1 whole month! So if anyone could recommend an excellent on that maybe knows about "drug nutrition" it would much appreciated! i am 5ft, 8stone.29 yrs, female I am in quite good shape but not good health ! I am desperate for this advice as i really would like to change me life and i feel eating right will help quicken the process! I am very grateful for your time and kindness! I am hoping to record my journey and will post regular updates! Many Thanks a friend in need


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