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  1. I started the gym around 2 years ago and quit 3 months later, I started to lose weight fast after that and never recovered. I want to get back into it but do not know what type of protein powders help gain weight. At this moment I am 5'10, weigh 62 kg (136 lbs) and I am 22. Thanks for the help
  2. Hi, so I'm struggling to get any solid advice by online calculators as the number seems to vary so much, and although I have a step counter on, I don't feel its particularly accurate in its calorie estimates as a lot of my work involves my arms rather than actually walking. Anyways, so a little about me. I am a 19 year old female, 5ft7 and about 125lbs id guess (haven't weighed myself in a while). I currently work 16 hours a week at a stables which consists of mucking out, wheeling barrows, lifting haynets/buckets, bringing in and turning out horses etc. so pretty constant movement of some sort. The work is intense enough for me to work outside comfortably in just a jumper in the winter but not enough for me to be out of breath if that makes sense. On days where i do not work i usually aim to walk briskly on the treadmill at a slight incline for 45 mins, as well as riding/caring for my own horse and walking my dog. I dont do any intense exercise or weight training of any kind and although I'm not sitting down all day I'm not constantly on the go either. I calorie count mainly as a habit following a nearly 3 stone weight loss a few years ago, and since then I dont really know what a 'normal' amount of food is. Can anyone come up with a rough figure for me to maintain my weight? I understand it heavily depends on a variety of factors but some sites have told me as low as 1300 and i dont think i could eat that little even for a day aha! TIA :)
  3. i'm still on the journey of trying to lose a bit more weight. I was 12 stone lost about 3 stone, which i'm currently 9.6 stone. I'm trying to get to the lightest weight around 8 stone and thinking to build more muscle. I would like more definition on the abs, glutes (butt) and a little on the arms. I do not like the bulky bodybuilding look but i only like the model toned look. I'm a female and 5'5. But i'm trying to figure out how do i stay slim while building muscles, what workouts do i need to achieve, and what more foods do i need to eat? I have an image that i have attached of the body i would like to achieve. I need some advice. Thanks


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