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  1. Healthy Recipes That Are Easy to Make

    Good morning to all you likeminded people out there! I am new to this forum and signed up because I wanted to surround myself with people who are taking steps in the same direction. So far I am really excited about what I am seeing:) I just wanted to add that I play football and my girlfriend is a blogger. She loves making smoothies and other recipes that promote health, so whenever I find it hard to be consistent with eating healthy, she helps me along. This is her blog, and it would mean the world if you guys could show some support!
  2. i'm still on the journey of trying to lose a bit more weight. I was 12 stone lost about 3 stone, which i'm currently 9.6 stone. I'm trying to get to the lightest weight around 8 stone and thinking to build more muscle. I would like more definition on the abs, glutes (butt) and a little on the arms. I do not like the bulky bodybuilding look but i only like the model toned look. I'm a female and 5'5. But i'm trying to figure out how do i stay slim while building muscles, what workouts do i need to achieve, and what more foods do i need to eat? I have an image that i have attached of the body i would like to achieve. I need some advice. Thanks
  3. Hi I started back at the gym last week after a period of illness with anxiety. I've gained back around a stone and a half of the 2 stones I lost a couple of years ago and want to lose it again. In terms of diet I'm eating healthily and relatively clean. I'm also ensuring I'm at a 500 cal deficiency each day. I'm making sure I have a decent amount of protein as I'm aware its important to heal muscles. The plan is to workout 5 -6 days a week, have 1 relaxed eating day (sat) and one rest day (Sun) I'm doing an hour on the treadmill alternating between running and walking. I've also bought an 8kg kettlebell to do a workout every other day instead of cardio. Today I've realised I don't drink anywhere near enough water so I'm making a concious effort to drink more. Is there anything else anyone can recommend to ensure I lose weight healthily? Does this sound a good plan? To note, I also don't want to lose too much and would like to build my strength up. I have undiagnosed pain in my arm at the moment (can manage kettlebell though) so I can't lift really heavy weight but I do eventually want to do more strength training. Thanks :)


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