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  1. Work-outs: Am I doing it right?

    Hello, I am quite new to this so I would like some advice if possible! I am not trying to lose weight, I am just trying to become more physically healthy, strong and mainly toned. I have been doing the exercises seen below for 2 months. I have seen small changes in my physical appearance so far - my muscles in those specific areas are just slightly more prominent. What I am doing at the moment is as follows: 4-5 days a week: 30 minute exercise routine including 5-min warmup, then specific sets and reps of squats, lunges, calf raises, bridges and stomach crunches. (These are the areas I would most like to be less fatty and more muscular/strong). Every other day: 15 minute arm exercise routine (on top of other exercises if the days line up). I do a warmup and then bicep curls and triceps (the one with both hands behind your back). I am currently using 7.5KGs dumbells. (I want less fat under my arms and I want my triceps to be more defined, and I also want my arms to be strong). The amount of reps and sets I do are set to the almost maximum that I am physically able and I only do between 2-3 repetitions of each set for all exercises (I was very unfit before starting these exercises). Whenever the specific exercises become too easy, I increase the reps and sets slightly. With my arms, I also increase the weight by small amounts when it is no longer difficult to complete the exercise. I also swim for an hour each week and do quite a lot of walking (sometimes 80 minutes worth a week). I have quite an unhealthy diet, but I drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fruit. I am trying to work on my diet, but it is not as easy as just doing the exercises. I would like to know if what I am doing is worth it? Is the way I am increasing my exercises correct? Are my exercises pointless if I am still eating more fatty/sugary foods than I should be? Should I be doing less sets and more reps, or less reps and more sets? If you would like to know the specifics of my sets/reps if that helps, just let me know! I am also a 21 year-old female, I weigh around 12.5 stone on average and I am 5 foot 6.
  2. When to add more?

    I'm fairly new to fitness training, I started about two months ago, currently, I have a set of 10kg dumbells I've been using, I went from being able to do perhaps 7 erm...lifts? To now 18, should I increase how much I'm doing or go for more "lifts"?
  3. A few months ago I went to the docs as I had a lump the size of a marble on the underside of my wrist just at my pulse-point. It wasn't sore and the doc told me just to leave it as it would go away. It did go away but now it's come back again, smaller, but it's causing me pain every time I lift weights at the gym or push anything heavy. I used the prowler this morning and could only push it halfway before I had to stop due to the pain. I only had 30kg on it so it wasn't heavy, but my wrist just wasn't having it. Has anyone else suffered from this? Would special gloves help? Should I rest it and hope it goes away? I don't want to stop doing weights at the gym, but it seems like everything weight-related uses my hands/wrists and just gives me awful pain. I'm 41 and female. Thanks for any advice.
  4. Protein shakes?

    Hey, I have started exercising at home with some free weights and was wondering if protein shakes would help me to tone up a bit. I exercise 6 days a week with 2 days on biceps/back, 2 on triceps/chest and 2 on legs/shoulders. I do pretty much all of my exercise with 2 dumbbells (currently at 10kg a piece) and overall my workout lasts about an hour a day. This also includes my daily warm-up/cool-down and I do some sit-ups, press-ups, plank etc. to increase my core strength. I am a novice and pretty low key in my ambitions, I don't want to end up being a bodybuilder or anything but would like to increase my weight from about 64kg at the moment to about 70kg in the foreseeable future. I was wondering if protein shakes would be appropriate to help me gain this weight or whether it would be overkill for my situation? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, James
  5. PT - Ask away!

    So guys and girls... I'm new to this site and thought I'd set up this thread for you to ask me any questions you like related to health and fitness. I am a level 3 PT so have a sound knowledge in these areas. Ask away and I'll reply as soon as I can!


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