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  1. Hi everyone, Just posting on here for the first time, would appreciate any direction anybody could point in, if my thread would better be posted somewhere else or if there other other threads already answering my questions. Basically I’m just looking for advice on the best work out and diet likely to get me the results I’ll achieve, Ive gone to the gym just generally for a year or so and seen results just doing my thing but I know I could be doing better. Anyway, I saw the photos I’ve attached to this of a person I know he uploaded. They stated they achieved this in 12 weeks, “from under eating and over training, to training less and eating more”. Basically his before photos look similar to where I’m at now, and the after photos — well, where I want to head towards. I’m a 23year old male, roughly 174cm, currently weigh 78kg. Currently I’ve been doing (with some slack the last couple months if I’m honest); cable-Rows, squats, overheads, bench presses, dips, and chin ups all on roation, generally spend 1.5 - 2 hours at the gym, 3-5 of the above exercises, five sets of five with two minute breaks, adding 2.5kg to weights after every three sessions (I would go to the gym every second day, followed by two days off after the third session— also I don’t deadlift due to issues with my back). Ideally I suppose I’m looking for broad/defined shoulders and back, more defined stomach/abs & pecs, as well work on my arms and legs.. yknow generally just like an all over an athletic physique (like a tennis player or swimmer? Lol) not necessarily a bodybuilders one. I haven’t really paid much attention to diet, which I’m hearing is more and more key to this thing — id generally just have a protein shake after a work work. Anybody been in a similar position and/or able to advice me on a routine and diet that would help me get these results? Or just a point in the right direction? It’s all appreciated, cheers everyone
  2. Hey everyone, I’ve made a full guide on How to train your biceps for full development. How To Grow Your Biceps (Full Development) It covers: Anatomy Biomechanics How much sets and reps Exercise selection & more. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them here!
  3. Hi, I am a 17 year old male I would like some help regarding improving my current abs as all I can find on the Internet is about having to keep a healthy diet and lots of people saying the crunches aren't the way to get abs and things like that... I would describe my metabolism as super-fast and whatever food I eat in whatever amount, my body will not change nor (barely) gain any weight. I would also describe my body type as lean and muscular (abs and obliques showing). I am 1.75m tall (5,7 or 5,8 foot) and weigh 63kg (9,9 stones). I would like to know whether there is a specific workout i could follow in order to improve and tone my abs taking into account the things i wrote above which are that I am not looking for a diet plan or anything to do with dieting, but more of the physical workout which suits my body type. Thank you ever so much for your time, it is very appreciated.
  4. Protein shakes?

    Hey, I have started exercising at home with some free weights and was wondering if protein shakes would help me to tone up a bit. I exercise 6 days a week with 2 days on biceps/back, 2 on triceps/chest and 2 on legs/shoulders. I do pretty much all of my exercise with 2 dumbbells (currently at 10kg a piece) and overall my workout lasts about an hour a day. This also includes my daily warm-up/cool-down and I do some sit-ups, press-ups, plank etc. to increase my core strength. I am a novice and pretty low key in my ambitions, I don't want to end up being a bodybuilder or anything but would like to increase my weight from about 64kg at the moment to about 70kg in the foreseeable future. I was wondering if protein shakes would be appropriate to help me gain this weight or whether it would be overkill for my situation? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, James
  5. PT - Ask away!

    So guys and girls... I'm new to this site and thought I'd set up this thread for you to ask me any questions you like related to health and fitness. I am a level 3 PT so have a sound knowledge in these areas. Ask away and I'll reply as soon as I can!
  6. I originally started working out in the gym using weights and machines but after finding out about calisthenics and bodyweight traing I have switched to purely that. And I think if you want a change of routine then you should also try out calisthenics. It is much cheaper than the gym it can be basically free if you want it to be. You can workout in your garage or in your house easily. It allows you to have full control over your body and build up some serious strength. And it can also make you look really cut and ripped, if you eat right. So I would highly recommend looking up some beginner calisthenics workouts online or on youtube and get started. Or read up on it here
  7. Blog Post Ideas?!!

    I run the blog section on my website, and I am looking for new ideas to write blog posts about? What kind of posts would you find valuable and would read? I have extensive knowledge in fitness and can answer most questions in the are within reason! Or would blog posts outside of the fitness world be interesting too? What are peoples thoughts?
  8. Need advice on weight loss supplements? Feel free to ask.
  9. I am training for a tough mudder and so im doing a 1 hour workout every day and running every other day. I notice that I am more likely to stick to my plan when workouts/runs are in the morning, at the moment i do one in the morning and one in the evening, however it would be better for me to do them both in the morning. I am usually a little tired and hungry after my morning run, and usually go straight for breakfast afterwards. im worried that I wont have the stamina to run and workout before breakfast, and I don't think I should be eating beforehand as this will make it harder to run and work out. Can anyone help me figure out the best way in which i can do both in the mornings? - Connor
  10. I've been getting back into shape over the past 6 months. I've gone from 78.5 kg (over 70.3kg is overweight for me according to BMI) to 67kg (which is close to my ideal body weight of about 64 according to BMI, which I also think is probably a bit high as I'm a short (5'6") but stout and broad man) I started off just eating well in June. From around the start of September been doing at least a little cardio almost every day (short run or cycle) and once a week I might go on a big 6 hour hike or cycle. More recently Ive started doing some resistance stuff. And this is what I want advice on. Maybe once or twice a week I'll 'work out' (mainly to switch things up + give my leg joints a rest) Theres a bunch of workout equipment in my house and I've just being doing what feels good to me with no plan. What Ive been doing in one session is.. pullups + chinups (I can do 7 proper pullups followed by 3 or 4 chinups or vice versa) pushups (about 12 proper ones) I have 2 dumbells with 7.5 kg on each one. I hold them both and do like a curl followed by lifting them over my head. I do about 12 of those About 10 bench presses with 27.5kg on the bar (which are all the weights in the house) Few minutes on an ab-trainer thing 10 or so minutes on a rowing machine, and then cool down on it. So what I'm doing is fairly random and a lot of it is just based on the gear that has been lying around this house. Is there some more organised plan you could recommend? or is just doing what feels good somehow beneficial? ps. For the individual exercises themselves I have watched youtube videos and so forth and am doing them properly with good form. Quality or quantity as they say. I'm just doing this cus I feel like it + I feel like I can get my daily exercise while giving my ankles / knees a break from running, Also it would be cool to be more toned and muscular.
  11. You should consider these tips if you want to boost your workout session: Always warm-up Perform one warm-up set Keep your abs tight Feel the muscle contraction Focus on your breathing Stay hydrated Pack a healthy pre-workout snack Monitor your rest periods Try a new exercise Set goals for every workout session
  12. Hello, I'm currently in the process of starting up my own sportswear line, and am hoping to start selling middle of 2017. I've written up a questionnaire to help me determine prices for my garments. It would be greatly appreciated if you could give me your feedback! Thank you! I hope this is okay, if there are any problems do let me know! 1. How much do you usually spend on sportswear? 2. How many items do you buy per year? 4. What is your favourite sportswear brand? 5. What is the most amount of money you are willing to spend on a pair of leggings? Sports bra? Tops? Jackets? 6. Is the fact that the products are manufactured in an eco friendly environment important to you? 7. Would you be prepared to pay more for a product that was designed and made in the U.K? 8. Does being an independent small designer influence you when buying sportswear?


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