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Treadmill Advice Needed

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My fiance and I would like to get a treadmill for home use. I appreciate the arguments for going outside or gym etc but she suffers from raynaud's so being able to do exercise indoors at will also extremely valuable to her.

We have spent a long time looking at the ones at fitness-superstore since they seem to be the most mainstream supplier with decent warranties (sometimes better than manufacturer themselves).

Some key points for us are -

1) a treadmill that will last with low likelihood of needing maintenance/servicing for several years at least,

2) not overly large but we could consider folding or non-folding (vertical folding of some appeal but only if not sacrificing reliability/stability/general quality),

3) I am a bit of a tech geek so would love something that reliably connects up to android phones/tablets to track runs/exercise etc but do NOT want to sacrifice treadmill quality and pay for the technology nor have low-powered proprietary in-built tablets etc!

Budget-wise we could spend anywhere from £1000 to almost up to £3000 if it is really worth it.

Nordictrack immediately out of question from what I've read.

From speaking to a seemingly knowledgeable adviser at fitness-superstore:

His initial advise was go for TechnoGym Spazio (even though it's folding, it's as solid as non-folding given bolts that come out, no folding motor etc) - this is almost £3000 though and looks like quite an old model with antiquated tech from my own research. Salesman says that he actually prefers this to the MyRun - "it is built like a tank" (just one that folds!!)

That then takes you to the TechnoGym MyRun - this is non-folding, slightly cheaper, and looks extremely modern with quite interesting tablet connectivity (using your own tablet most importantly with their app). This appears on lots of one paragraph health/style magazine "dream home equipment" lists but I cannot find any other detailed reviews on this. The salesperson called me and said this week that TechnoGym had apparently even just withdrawn their android app due to bugs and not sure when it will return?? Other thing with TechnoGym is you apparently get 3 years home warranty, and it is installed by TechnoGym only. Is this really as a premium a brand as I am being told and is it a Bose-type or is their genuine build quality and reliability behind it?

Other option in the £2k+ range is a LifeFitness F1/F3 but these seem markedly bigger size-wise? However if they really are so much better quality.. tech with track console seems ok but love to hear more on this..

He said <£1k just not worth it (I probably agree)

Around the £1k mark he recommended either a Horizon T4000 or Nautilus T624/T626 - Horizon looks ok but obviously no tech in-built at all.

If I think about my own newfound health efforts, I have a withings scale which I regularly use, a cheap fitness band I still love following etc - so that sense of observing myself and competitively trying to do more, is a motivator for me - so if tech can come with it, it would be of appeal.

Sorry for the long post, but really appreciate any input - and if anyone can direct me to more detailed (honest) reviews of treadmills, would love to see them! (generally speaking am very surprised at all the fake review websites and limited proper detailed technical reviews of treadmills on the internet!)


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From what I got to know when talking with a salesman he suggested DKN Runtech A. Mostly because of what he said AC motor which is much more durable than DC motors in most home use treadmills. Those DC motors have brushes that slowly runs out when used, there's no such problem with AC motor as there are no brushes inside. I'm not a tech spec myself, but I guess that may help. You may want to get a look at AC motor as well when choosing your treadmill.

I don't own that DKN one so cannot tell more about the machine. It was around £1500 from what I recall.


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This specific machine is perfect to achieve adjusted exercise goals including endurance workout and weight loss.


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Treadmill Buying Tips - What You Need To Know Before You Buy :-

1: Motor

2: Cost

3: Types of programs

4: Incline

5: Warranty

6: Overall feel

7: Belt

8: Safety features


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