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Gym Workout t-shirts & vests

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Hi all,

I'm hoping I have posted int he right forum and used a link if allowed?

My wife (Sam) and I are active gym goers, she does mainly Les Mills classes and I spend all my time doing workouts following various online programmes over 12 week periods.

Maybe this is just me but always found myself taking battered magazine cut outs, print offs or bodybuilding apps to keep track of what exercise was next to do ( I knew the reps as was 10 10 and failure) so I came up with the rather wacky idea of having workouts on your t-shirt so you always knew what you were doing and it was right there in the mirror.

So from that far we have created a small range of workouts to test the water with plenty more in the pipeline. The t-shirts themselves are well made, ethically produced by Continental Clothing Co.  and printed locally in Darwen Lancashire.

Have a look and see what you think, a few people have said we should reverse the text so you can see it in the mirror which we may try do as a customisation option and also having it on the back? Another one which we are working on is a female stickman but taking a bit longer to get right

Let us know your thoughts on our gym shirts and vests :) - Stickman Workouts

Any constructive feedback would be great or even any ideas for workouts

Duncan & Sam 


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