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Recommend a workout plan

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I've been getting back into shape over the past 6 months. I've gone from 78.5 kg (over 70.3kg is overweight for me according to BMI) to 67kg (which is close to my ideal body weight of about 64 according to BMI, which I also think is probably a bit high as I'm a short (5'6") but stout and broad man)

I started off just eating well in June.

From around the start of September been doing at least a little cardio almost every day (short run or cycle) and once a week I might go on a big 6 hour hike or cycle.

More recently Ive started doing some resistance stuff. And this is what I want advice on. Maybe once or twice a week I'll 'work out' (mainly to switch things up + give my leg joints a rest)

Theres a bunch of workout equipment in my house and I've just being doing what feels good to me with no plan. What Ive been doing in one session is..

pullups + chinups (I can do 7 proper pullups followed by 3 or 4 chinups or vice versa)

pushups (about 12 proper ones)

I have 2 dumbells with 7.5 kg on each one. I hold them both and do like a curl followed by lifting them over my head. I do about 12 of those

About 10 bench presses with 27.5kg on the bar (which are all the weights in the house)

Few minutes on an ab-trainer thing

10 or so minutes on a rowing machine, and then cool down on it.

So what I'm doing is fairly random and a lot of it is just based on the gear that has been lying around this house. Is there some more organised plan you could recommend? or is just doing what feels good somehow beneficial? ps. For the individual exercises themselves I have watched youtube videos and so forth and am doing them properly with good form. Quality or quantity as they say. I'm just doing this cus I feel like it + I feel like I can get my daily exercise while giving my ankles / knees a break from running, Also it would be cool to be more toned and muscular.


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Well done Yendor

I will give you a split routine of muscles to work on your 2 strength training days per week -3 sets of 8 reps

Keep doing the exercises you find on youtube and enjoy -

Day 1 -quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes, abdominals(last)

Day 2 -chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, back

Let us know how you get on


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