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How many calories do I actually need??

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Hi, so I'm struggling to get any solid advice by online calculators as the number seems to vary so much, and although I have a step counter on, I don't feel its particularly accurate in its calorie estimates as a lot of my work involves my arms rather than actually walking. Anyways, so a little about me.

I am a 19 year old female, 5ft7 and about 125lbs id guess (haven't weighed myself in a while).

I currently work 16 hours a week at a stables which consists of mucking out, wheeling barrows, lifting haynets/buckets, bringing in and turning out horses etc. so pretty constant movement of some sort. The work is intense enough for me to work outside comfortably in just a jumper in the winter but not enough for me to be out of breath if that makes sense.

On days where i do not work i usually aim to walk briskly on the treadmill at a slight incline for 45 mins, as well as riding/caring for my own horse and walking my dog. I dont do any intense exercise or weight training of any kind and although I'm not sitting down all day I'm not constantly on the go either.

I calorie count mainly as a habit following a nearly 3 stone weight loss a few years ago, and since then I dont really know what a 'normal' amount of food is. Can anyone come up with a rough figure for me to maintain my weight? I understand it heavily depends on a variety of factors but some sites have told me as low as 1300 and i dont think i could eat that little even for a day aha!

TIA :)


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My friend is a nutritionist and calorie counting is not particularly healthy. It is more about making sure your diet is balanced and making sure you are getting the right nutrients and vitamins and that your portions are not too big! Eating small regular meals is much healthier than only eating one or two huge meals a day. I recently did a healthy eating clean plan for 30 days and I lost 9lbs just from eating really healthy, not eating processed meals and cutting out red meat, dairy etc. Basically eating vegetables, fruit, seeds and rice etc, food that our digestive system is meant to eat. Through eating well you will maintain a healthy weight but also won't feel hungry. I'm not sure that answers your question but if you want anymore help on this let me know. 


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