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Help!!! SOS!!!

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Oh woe is me. 

To cut a very long story short I have lost my way completely and have fallen back into very old and destructive eating habits (of the bulimic kind). Once upon a time (about two to three years ago) I had this under control, I was eating well (i.e. clean but eating plenty) training like a demon and I was in great shape, looked the best I'd ever looked and was happy. 

Fast forward to today I am about a good stone and a half up from that, struggling to control my eating and miserable. I cannot seem to find the motivation again to sort this out as all I see when I look in the mirror is the mess I have made of it all. But I am so unhappy with the way I look at the minute I don't want to leave the house. 

Can anyone help me find my mojo again?  For the record I am NOT trying to get skinny or underweight. I genuinely don't care what I way but I want to be lean again and of course get me fitness back which has totally nosedived. I think its the fact that I am so disappointed with myself for letting it all go and also that I know its going to be a long road back. Oh yes sorry one last thing, when I was in shape and lean, the bulimia was a distant memory, its that that causes all of the issues. 

Inspiration people please!!


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Bulimia is obviously something that is not really appropriate for trying to deal with on a forum. There are specialists for that. 

However, trying to put that to one side, in an attempt to give you 'something' to work with, if I can give you some stuff to read simply for 'inspiration', here are a few starting points:

What's the best way to tone up?

Lose Weight Fast - Playing the Long Game

Successful Fitness Plans - Minus the Instagram Filter

Goal Setting - The Key to Success

At the end of that last one (and in one of the others I think) there is a download on Emotional Foundations. I'd really suggest getting that too. It's not a paid thing or anything, just something you can download, print out and read at your leisure. 

I really hope something in there is enough to spark something in you. 

However, if not, and you continue on, what I'm extremely glad you recognise as, the destructive path, I strongly suggest seeking out professional help. You're health is too important to neglect. 

Good luck and let me know how you get on.



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You have to remember that you are only human and we all fall of the wagon sometimes when it comes to our training and eating patterns. I think it's important for you to find your goal and work towards that rather than sitting in your current situation where you are beating yourself up for falling back into your old ways. It's great that you know your issues and where you are going wrong - a lot of people don't admit to them and keep going still not knowing where they are going wrong. 

I have worked with someone in the past who was similar to you and now she's happier than ever as has found what works for her and actually enjoys the exercise she is doing. I think that's a key when it comes to realistic training, finding something you actually enjoy so then you stick to it based on actually wanting to do it rather than it becoming a chore. 

It may be worth you having a look at and downloading the free advice document. 

I hope this helps and if you need anything else i am here! Let me know how you get on.



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