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Hi there, thought I would introduce myself!

I'm a 27 year old female who started getting into fitness in early 2015 having reached an unhealthy weight of 130kg. At the same time, I applied for a police officer role and needed to lose weight to achieve this job!

Over the next year through diet and fitness I managed to drop 30kg and started my training for my new job! Unfortunately during this time (approximately august 2016) I sustained quite a serious ankle injury and all fitness stopped! As I was on a residential training course, I also had no control over the majority of my diet which did not help in the long run weight wise.

Fast forward to now and all attempts to get back into fitness and training have ended in injury time and time again regardless of how simple I make my workout! I have now gained quite a bit of weight again and find myself desperate to find a workout that will help me strengthen both lower back and ankles as these seem to be my weak points where injuries continue to reoccur. These are not new injuries but I find myself unable to overcome them like I did a few years ago? I know I'm capable as I've done it before but these injuries are now starting to knock my motivation. The only thing I currently do on a regular basis is indoor rock climbing (around a 5/5+ standard) at least once a week which I love but I'm having to be careful to not strain my back each time.

I've wrangled my diet back under control and am currently happy with that side but if anyone has any advice exercise/fitness wise that might help me get back to a standard I was previously at, I'd be extremely grateful! I currently need to maintain a fitness testing level where I need to reach level 7.6 on a 15m multistage fitness test... Not that high of a level but also not ideal with my ankles right now let alone cardio fitness (oh the shame...). I currently barely scrape this standard!

Apologies for the essay!

Thanks for reading!



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10 out of 10 for stickability!

Do lying ab crunches, forward and reverse, for your back - start with a small movement, keeping your tummy pulled strong into your back, and build up to the full range of motion and resistance

Non weight bearing cardio exercises, bike and rower etc, should keep your fat levels in check

You need to start strength rehab exercises for your ankle, the sooner the better

Diet: A simple eating plan, Eat only natural unprocessed foods: 2 portions protein (the size of the palm of your hand) eg. meat/ fish/chicken/ eggs/ cottage cheese etc per day

and 6x fruit and/or veg 'colour' portions: red, orange, yellow, green, purple and white every day

A portion is the size of your fist

Keep in touch with your progress


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Great introductory post. I'm a newbie here as well.

You cannot out train a bad diet. Do your best to stick to protein, vegetable and good fats. Combine that with the gym and some cardio and you cannot fail - unless you put limited effort in.

I'd also recommend finding a good personal trainer if you can. Just to help you stay focused and have a plan.

In August this year I was 22% body fat - now I'm under 11% and over 10KG down. I did this is 4 months by eating a good clean diet and pushing myself in the gym. The personal trainer I use is the best I've ever encountered - he gets results if you stick to the plan. He's based in Chessington, Surrey if anyone reading this is near there.

I'm looking to post some before and after pictures here next week in the hope it helps and inspires others.

Good luck and don't give up!


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The key thing here is to work with your body and not against it - In order to find what works for you and something that you enjoy, you will fail a few times trying things, but once you reach that exercise or that program which works with your body, it will all be worth it.

You should also see this fitness test as a great goal for you and when it comes to training, use this to motivate you and keep you determined. 

It may be worth you taking up an exercise like yoga to help strengthen the week parts of your body, but you should be working on these parts ASAP so that they don't get worse - try some mobility work on these.




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