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Diet / weight loss help

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could maybe help or give me some advice on weight loss 

I’m 36yrs old, about 5,10 and weigh (as of this morning) 90.9kg

im looking to get down to about 78kg

i currently do 3 x 45mins HITT sessions with a few 3-5k treadmill runs a week

im not looking to gain muscle mass or that just get fitter and lose the weight for a job I’ve applied for

this is roughly what I’ve been eating every day (apart from a Sunday)for the past 8 weeks or so


Up at 4am, have banana on drive to work


5am 200g Greek Yogurt & grapes/melon


8am 2 Boiled eggs


11am Protein Shake + Banana 


2pm chicken & Rice + Veg


4:30pm 2x weetabix/Cheerios before gym


7pm chicken or steak & Rice + veg 


8pm bed


*Sometimes swap rice for home made sweet pot fries or Turnip


I make up two days meals at a time consisting of 3 x whole chicken breasts with 1 pack of uncle bens 250g microwave rice split into four tubs

I’ve recently been reading up on intermittent fasting and that looks like it would suit me better, has anyone on here done it and seen good weight loss results ?

Thanks in advance 



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