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Belly Fat SOS

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Hi, despite years of trying I cannot remove the fat from around my waist. I've tried HIIT, I've tried eating more protein, good fats, cutting out sugar, I even went the other way and fasted whilst still doing cardio, I even ran a marathon earlier this year but still my anatomy did not resemble a beach bod even after all my training. I have good arms, great shoulders but no matter what I do I have never been able to have a flat stomach. 

I was prescribed this  breakdown via a personal trainer of what I should be eating which I've stuck to for the last 6 months based on my height age, and weight (5ft9/12st/30)  but barely any improvement. This has been combined with lots of strength training:


Calories -1489 (1805 target)

Protein - 155 (174)

Carbs - 160 (120)

Fat - 33 (69)

Fibre - 23 (25)


Just wanted to know if perhaps anyone on here had similar problems and found a solution or if someone had any recommendations they could give me? I'm determined to give it another shot in the new year. 


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