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I have recently turned 26 and have decided that my mid to late twenties are the ideal time to become the man I want to be for the rest of my life. Friends of mine are starting to be effected by the negative lifestyle choices we made in our youth - alcohol addiction, diabetes caused by sugar consumption and in one unfortunate case, lung cancer.

So who am I? I'm spiderman. No wait, that was a movie...

I'm a 26 year old office drone, working in finance in Canary Wharf, London. I am 6ft tall, 14 and a half stone, two weeks into some massive lifestyle changes. I have always been into weight lifting and I am regularly asked if I play rugby as I'm pretty bulky (I hate rugby). However, I want to slim down to about 12 stone while maintaining my muscle size. Basically, I want to be able to grate mild cheddar on my future abs, rather than being able to rest a plate on my current pot belly. So what changes am I implementing? 


- We recently moved office which means I am able to walk to work and walk home again every day. It's roughly two miles each way, twenty miles a week. Lovely.

- I go to the gym every lunchtime, Monday - Friday for a solid hour and I implement a PPLPP (Push / Pull / Legs / Push / Pull) routine. Saturday and Sunday are rest days.

- Zero alcohol. Not a drop has touched my lips for two weeks and I already feel better for it. The boys have been very supportive and don't mind me ordering diet cokes when we go out, which is great.

- One meal per day. This is the one that makes people angry but I know that it works for me. I'm very impatient, if I want to lose weight I can't set myself a six month target, I need results now! Therefore, I have one coffee in the morning and then 400g of brown rice and a turkey breast every evening, and that is that. I aim to do this until around Easter when I hope to be around the 12 stone mark, and I can begin bulking up properly (without relying on kebabs to cram in the calories).


Looking forward to reading up about all of you and joining in where I can, as we all go through our journeys together.



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