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Done something to my ankle

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Just wanting a little advice, really. 

I'm not actually sure what happened. I generally have very strong ankles so when I turn it over by accident, it normally only hurts for a minute or two and then I walk on it and the pain goes away. However, last Thursday I went to sit cross-legged on the bed after a shower (I'd been to the gym - upper body workout) and it hurt like hell to turn my right foot inwards. 

Since then, it's grown more painful. I can walk on it without any difficulty, although I can feel it's a little sore. Occasionally, I'm getting pain radiating into other parts of my ankle/foot. When I walked a long way on Saturday night, my achilles start to hurt a bit. Occasionally I get a throbbing sensation in the bony bit leading up to the big toe. There's no swelling, no bruising and the majority of the pain is still really when I turn my foot inwards. 

Now obviously, I'm not looking for 'proper' medical advice. I have a doctor's appointment already booked for Thursday morning so I can ask my doctor to look at it then but in the meantime, should I ice it? Apply heat? Wrap it? Stay off it? Just carry on as normal? Does anyone have any idea what the cause might be?? 

Any advice, really, would be helpful. 



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